Dear readers,
This week the world learned that offensive, out-of-touch art events are better off unmade. Did New York really need an event celebrating two luxury condo towers breaking ground along the South Bronx waterfront? No, especially when it comes with an exhibition that includes bullet riddled cars next to burning trash cans. Let's hope Lucien Smith retires from his role as gentrifier enabler,
artist and event curator.
In other poor star performances, Rea McNamara went to see writer and curator Claire Bishop talk only to learn she was workshopping ideas for her new book on the audience. Bishop hadn't even come up with an end to her talk. Regardless, McNamara came out with a few thoughts on modernism, academia and where art is going. They are so worth the read.
Over in Baltimore Michael Anthony Farley ate some bad art food from the future, but still liked the art. And I talk about 21c, the hotel with museum program that's changing the south. (Or at least giving people better hotel experiences.)
Finally, we extended our fall fundraiser for independence so you all have a little extra time to help us meet our goal. OMG, we are so close now. We only have $2700 to go. Woo hoo! And now there's only one Matthew Barney lip balm incentive, so you better act fast or you'll be stuck with the Paul McCarthy ketchup. Personally, I'm excited about the power women GIF print set inspired by Laurie Anderson, which includes 10 signed prints by ten female artists in an edition of 10. It's so good!
Anyway, that's it for this week. See you on the blogs,

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