Pro Photo Tips assignment #1 - Fill the Frame....but there's a catch!
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Pro Photo Tips Assignment #1!

Greetings my excellent friends and welcome to the first ever Professional Photography Tips Assignment! Critique can be extremely helpful, and there's absolutely no substitute for practice, but sometimes it takes a specific assignment for you to perfectly grasp a concept in photography. So every other week I'll be sending out mini assignments that deal with one or two important concepts in photography so you can understand exactly how they work.

In the past two weeks I talked about the most important rule in composition: Fill The Frame With What You Like. So for this week's assignment, I'd like you to do just that. Find a single really interesting object and fill the frame with it. But there is a catch! I want you to actually take two or three photos of your subject, one with a wide focal length, one with a telephoto focal length, and one somewhere in the middle. In each case, get as close as you can to fill the frame with your subject, but pay special attention to how the perspective of your photo changes, as well as the relative size of your subject to objects in the background. 

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For example, here are three photos I took of my jeep at home. The first one was taken at 200mm, the second at 35mm, and the last at 18mm. Note how the subject fills the frame in each case. But look at how dramatically the perspective changes, as well as how the relative size of the house differs in each photo. Do this experiment on your own and you'll see how changing your focal length and position relative to your subject gives you the power to create remarkably different photos given the exact same scene and subject.

Once you've completed the assignment feel free to share your photos with the ProPhotoTips group on Facebook. Make sure to hashtag your photos with #assignment001 so they're easy to find. Looking forward to seeing what you shoot!

Fill The Frame
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