Pro Photo Tips Assignment #3 - Make Your Subject Stand Out
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Pro Photo Tips Assignment #3!

Greetings my excellent friends and welcome to the third assignment from Pro Photo Tips! Every other week I'll be sending out mini assignments just like this that deal with one or two important concepts in photography.

In the last few weeks on PPT I've discussed a number of different ways to help make the subjects of your photos really pop. You can use color, texture, and tonal contrasts to make your subjects stand out like in the examples below (click on the images for the YouTube lesson for each). 

Color Contrasts: warm on cool colors

Textural Contrasts: smooth on detailed

Tonal Contrasts: light on dark to make the subject pop

I also discussed how you can use a wide angle and get close to your subject in order to greatly exaggerate it, like I did with this field of wildflowers:

So this week's assignment is to use one or more of these ideas to exaggerate and enhance your subject. Find something interesting to shoot and then make it pop!

Once you've completed the assignment please share your photos with the ProPhotoTips group on Facebook. Make sure to hashtag your photos with #SubjectPop so they're easy to find, and let us know what you were thinking when you took the photos. Looking forward to seeing what you shoot!

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Until next time, have fun and happy shooting!


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