Recap of June 17 BOCC Meeting

The most informative part of the June 17th BOCC meeting was the presentation regarding the 2021 Legislative Session and bills and other legislative issues impacting Douglas County.

Some of the key points discussed were:
  1. While the State is flush with money printed by the Federal Government and distributed to each state, our legislature nonetheless CUT China Springs Youth Camp’s funding by $1.2 million over the next three years. China Springs helps kids between the ages of 12-18 who are mid-level offenders develop skills, knowledge and experience to overcome their delinquent behavior. This program helps many young kids turn their lives around and stay out of jail, while making society safer. The legislature and our Governor did not feel it was necessary to completely fund this program, even though the state has more money than it knows what to do with. 
  2. The legislature passed, and the Governor signed, most of the election laws passed during last year’s Emergency Session under the guise of the pandemic, making elections more susceptible to voting fraud and abuse.
    1. Universal mail-in ballots is now the law. Every resident of Nevada will be mailed a ballot to vote whether they asked for it or not. Many of these ballots will be mailed to people who have moved or have died.
    2. Ballot Harvesting is now the law. Partisan political operatives can help others sign a ballot and turn the ballot into the elections department. There is no protection to stop these political operatives from influencing the vote or from refusing to submit ballots that are not marked for their preferred candidate.
    3. Last election cycle, a bill was passed to automatically register every person who utilized the services of the Department of Motor Vehicles. This legislative session expanded automatic registration to almost every state agency.
I am a strong believer, as almost all Americans, that each individual must be provided the opportunity and right to vote; but that does not mean you register people who don’t want to vote, help that individual mark their ballot, and then submit their ballot to the elections department. All of this opens up avenues of fraud and abuse which dilutes the vote of individuals who actually wanted and made the effort to vote. 

With respect to Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs), the BOCC approved, on a 4-1 vote, the fee structure submitted by County staff which will cover the entire cost to operate the VHR program. As has become the norm, I was the sole dissent. The fee structure provides a lower cost for renewing the permit than it does for the initial filing. I argued that the renewal is every bit as valuable as the initial permit and that the fees should be the same. 

The extra money collected could pay for another enforcement staff thereby protecting the homeowners better. Commissioner Gardner stated on the record he agreed with my position. Nevertheless, Commissioner Nowasad made the motion to adopt the staff’s recommendation and Commissioner Gardner voted with him.

The internet went out at the Commissioner’s Chambers so the meeting was cut short and the BOCC did not discuss nor evaluate the job performance of County Manager, Patrick Cates. 


Small Business Saturday

This week, my wonderful wife Amy Tarkanian highlighted a Gardnerville business that she loves to frequent. Especially For You is a local boutique shop offering gift and fashionable clothing items for the whole family. They also have a wide selection of gourmet foods for every occasion. 
Especially for You is located at 1218 Eddy St. Gardnerville, NV 89410

If your business, or the business of someone you know, would like to be featured on my Small Business Saturdays series, please email me at

All the best, 

Commissioner Danny Tarkanian

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