As expected, the main focus of the July 1st Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting dealt with the Building Permit Allocation and Growth Management Ordinance. This ordinance limits the number of building permits that can be allocated each year.

In 2007, the year the ordinance was passed, the number of new permits was limited to 317. This number is compounded annually by 2%. For 2021, the number stands at 418. Some interesting points to consider:
  • The Building Permit Allocation and Growth Management Ordinance does not apply to the Tahoe Basin, and only applies to the Valley.
  • 70% of the permits allocated go to individual developers (4 homes or less) and 30% are allocated to large (project) developers (5 or more homes)
  • 4,767 homes were approved before the ordinance was adopted and therefore are exempt from the annual cap. Any number of these homes can be completed in any year. To offset the permits for these homes, the number of permits allowed for new projects is being reduced in each of the first 25 years of the ordinance. Currently there are 2,459 remaining exempt homes 
  • Before this year, the number of permits issued had never reached the number which was allocated for the year. As a result, the balance of allocated but unused permits each year are put into pools to be used in the future. Currently there are 1,452 Individual pooled permits available and 584 Project pooled permits available. There is no limit on the number of pooled permits that can be used each year. 
  • 2021 is the first year all of the available permits have been issued. The additional permits issued this year are being taken from the two pools stated above.
For years, Douglas County has been concerned about run-away growth in the Valley. The Building Permit Allocation and Growth Management Ordinance is a byproduct of this concern. However, two developments pose a risk to this intended purpose. Combining the number of remaining exempt homes with the number of pooled permits, there are 4,495 homes (2,459 exempt + 1,452 individual pooled + 584 project pooled) that can be built before the yearly cap is even touched. With thousands of homes in the planning stages this is a real concern. 

Over the next few weeks the BOCC will discuss ways to amend this ordinance to protect its intended purpose while complying with the legal obligations we face. 


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Finally, I want to wish you, and your family, a very happy Independence Day. America is the stronghold of freedom that has stood the test of time for 245 years. The Tarkanian family hopes you'll join us in standing proudly to respect Old Glory, all that our country represents, and everything it means to be an American. 

All the best, 

Commissioner Danny Tarkanian

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