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SAVE THE DATE: January 23-24, 2015 for CREATION (re-creation).


The gift that gives back.

We want to make sure that everyone can give the gift of an amazing aesthetic experience, so we're offering (1) free CREATION (re-creation) ticket to EVERY end-of-year donor - no matter the amount of your donation.
The catch: we ask that you don't use the ticket yourself, but instead, in the spirit of the holidays, share the love with a friend. And if you don't like the catch? Donations of $40 or more receive two tickets - one for you, one for that friend. LEARN MORE.
The FINAL Salon. We can't wait to share Salon Romantik: CREATION (re-creation) with you on January 23 & 24, 2015. This multi-project four-year research project has been an incredible journey. Here are some links and musings to refresh your memory:

Salon Romantik, op.1: Wanderers in the Sea of Fog. A contemporary fairytale ballet. The descent into the wilderness.

Salon Romantik, op.2: solitudes/abysses/constellations. A true salon party - and a truly mad one. The embrace of individual insanities.

Salon Romantik, op.3: FEAR & PROPHETS. A multi-site-specific bus tour of Denver and surrounding areas. Visions of the apocalypse, with nature resurgent.

Salon Romantik, op.4: perma|COUTURE. A lec/dem/performance series. Navigating a collision of cultural values, a proposal for sustainable approaches to cultural production.

Salon Romantik, op.5 v.1: CREATION - part of (the world we've created). A gallery of living installations - a collection of created worlds.

We departed the knowable, journeyed into the wildernesses of the world and our soul. We let the world end and rebuild itself anew, and found that we were its Creators. Every step of the way we questioned as we embraced, dismantled as we constructed, and sought to dislodge dichotomous thought from the conflict at hand.
And so we've arrived at the final stop on this journey: a creation that rejects originality, a wholeness made of borrowed parts, a repurposed, recycled amalgamation that has taken on a life of its own:

Salon Romantik: CREATION (re-creation). See you there!

Company Class. We're on vacation! Find us again starting Jan. 5 as part of the Professionals Program at Colorado Conservatory of Dance.
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