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March 2016
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Transferring money to or from Australia?
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Push for visa-free migration bloc in Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand
AUSTRALIA is being called on to join a push for a new visa-free migration bloc with a new poll finding overwhelming public support to be able to live and work freely in “like-minded” nations.

The push to have a “free mobility labour zone” between Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Britain was started by London Mayor Boris Johnson but has now been picked up by several MPs and Lords in Westminster.

A poll in the four nations commissioned by the Royal Commonwealth Society in London found 70% of Australians, 82% of New Zealanders and 75% of Canadians supported the move.

Britain also backed the initiative although to a lesser degree — 58%. The UK is currently in a migration crisis with EU membership ensuring all Europeans have free access to live and work in the UK and receive substantial benefits, all of which is to come to a head in June with a referendum on whether the UK remains in the EU.

Young adults (18-35 years) notably in Australia and New Zealand were the most supportive, 90 and 80% respectively

The move comes as the British parliament plans in April to further restrict visas for skilled migrants from outside the EU, already down to just 20,700 a year from the rest of the world, a figure already impacting on Australian workers wishing to live and work in the UK.

“This polling is invaluable as it shows the view and wishes of these fellow Commonwealth friends in strong support for closer ties,” the Commonwealth Society’s president and former British Minister of State Lord Howell said.

The society’s director of policy and research Tim Hewish said MPs in each country were now needed to build political interest to having a migration bloc between the nations. He said the countries shared common language, legal systems, economic and family ties and the same Head of State so it seemed a natural shift.

Both the Australian and New Zealand governments have publicly lambasted the UK’s visa restrictions and predicted the UK was “sleep walking” toward permanently damaged relations with its two allies over the visa issue.

“It will be a long slog, it is a big idea,” Mr Hewish said of looking to connect MPs in the four nations to pressure to form such a free mobility zone.

A spokesman for the mayor said Mr Johnson was particularly keen for a migration deal to be trialled between just Australia and UK first then possibly extended to other countries, adding Commonwealth citizens should be allowed greater ability to contribute to London’s culture and community.

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Axe backpacker tax, fix visa process to lift tourism, urges business lobby ACCI

The nation's peak business lobby has urged the federal government to use the budget to lift the number of tourists coming to Australia, a move which it claims could generate another 123,000 jobs by 2020.

In its pre-budget submission the Australian Chamber of Commerce urged the government to streamline visa processes for key tourism markets, axe a so-called backpacker tax and extend freezes on passenger movement and visa charges.

ACCI also wants more funding for Tourism Australia – the peak lobby for the sector – and more frontline Border Force staff numbers to cut waiting times at Australian airports.

Steve Whan, who manages the ACCI's National Tourism Council, said tourist visas were more expensive and complicated to obtain compared with many of Australia's rival tourism markets.

"This discourages visitors from China, India and Indonesia, our key growth markets," Mr Whan said. "The government has made some progress, but there is much more to be done."

Last week Crown Resorts chairman Robert Rankin said Australia's visa costs were more expensive than the US and processing of visas could be simplified.

Mr Rankin said Australia, and Western Australia in particular, needed to compete aggressively if it wanted to boost its share of Chinese tourists.

New Tourism Australia chairman Tony South is concerned Australia risks missing the peak of a once-in-a-generation tourism wave from China and urged cuts to visa costs and making them easier to get.

"The competition around visa rules and visa relaxations are intense," Mr South said in his first wide-ranging interview since taking the helm of the organisation.

Mr Whan said the tourism industry had the potential to directly employ at least a further 123,000 people by 2020.

"It provides great careers and supports Australia's high living standards. But there is strong competition from other nations to attract visitors," he said.

"We need effective promotion and policy settings to grow our share of inbound visitors."

The ACCI's submission suggests the government grant a second-year extension to working holidaymakers who spend at least three months working in regional tourism and hospitality businesses.

It has also calls for reforms to the Tourist Refund Scheme to allow competition by private refund operators and recommends axing the "backpacker tax" by reinstating the tax-free threshold for working holidaymakers.

Mr Rankin said Perth, where Crown is spending $645 million building a 6-star hotel, needed to be activated in a profound way as a gateway to Western Australia to better capitalise on its proximity to growing Southeast Asian economies.

Western Australia attracted just 33,000 of China's 115 million outbound tourists last year. About 1 million Chinese tourists visited the east coast of Australia.

"We think domestic consumption is going to continue to grow dramatically and there will be 200 million outbound Chinese tourists sometime in the next decade," Mr Rankin told a Deutsche Bank lunch in Perth last week.

He called for reforms to visa fees, simplifying the visa process and encouraging more direct flights from "markets with scale".

Mr Whan said the federal government needed to keep its spending in check, but investing in tourism could return significant income to the government and the boost the economy.

"With the right policy settings and international conditions tourism will be a star performer in our economy for many years to come," Mr Whan said.

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After nearly 12 years and over 8,500 shipments, the Letton Percival Overseas Removals Scheme has just seen it’s first General Average and Salvage claim

Letton Percival image

General Average is a principle of Maritime Law that applies when the Ship’s Master has to voluntarily sacrifice cargo, or incur extraordinary expenditure in order to save the voyage in an emergency. If this situation occurs, all parties involved (including cargo owners) proportionally share the resulting losses. Where a Salvage operation is necessary to recover the vessel and/or remaining cargo, the Salvor will be entitled to a Salvage Award.

The vessel involved in our claim, the Hanjin Aqua, was carrying 2,303 containers and went aground in the Sunda Straights, Indonesia, having sailed from Port Adelaide. Efforts to refloat the vessel using her own engines failed, so a salvage company was employed to refloat the vessel. The vessel was eventually refloated, and sailed on to Singapore, where the containers were offloaded, and the vessel is currently undergoing repairs. Costs incurred by the Shipowners in their attempts to refloat the vessel unaided will be the subject of a General Average declaration, the costs of the salvage operation will be the subject of a Salvage Award as determined by the Admiralty Court.

Security for both General Average and Salvage Award was provided by Insurers Tokio Marine Kiln to enable the safe release of our client's cargo at Singapore and for reshipment on to the UK via a replacement vessel. General Average and Salvage Costs are provided for under the Letton Percival Overseas Removals Scheme coverage..

For more information on this article, please contact, or to get a quotation for Overseas Removals Insurance, please go to

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Need a pet transport specialist located in Australia…


Dogtainers are Australia’s oldest and most experienced pet relocation company, established since 1971.

Dogtainers Pet Transport have 14 Offices in Australia & New Zealand including Melbourne where we service the quarantine station on a daily basis with industry best rates.

We offer trusted and reliable pet relocation solutions for domestic travel throughout Australia plus International transport back to the UK and all other parts of the world.

Animal welfare is Dogtainers number one priority. We understand that the thought of moving your four legged family member can make any pet owner anxious. Dogtainers looks to ensure that you are comfortable and reassured at each stage of the process. For international travellers we are pleased to offer our “International Pet’s Fly Guarantee”. Confident that Dogtainers does provide the best service in our industry we introduced our International Pet Fly Free Guarantee to ensure that in the lead up to an international pet relocation that you, the pet owner and the pet had the best possible experience and felt reassured that the arrangements are being made in an organised and timely fashion. As the title suggests if we don’t live up to our side of the deal your pet will fly for free. Read more at

Every time you deal with Dogtainers you will be dealing with a pet travel specialist. Why is this important? Our experienced pet travel specialists offer advice on all matters involving the movement of your pet. They can provide information relating to why sedating pets for travel is not recommended, the appropriate crate size for your pet , how to best acclimatise your pet to the travel crate ( for international moves we bring the travel crate to your home in metro cities in advance of the move so your pet can become used to the crate environment ) , specialist routing information for domestic and international sectors , possible boarding requirements , government regulations and more .

We love pets , we love what we do and we arrange pet travel for over 45,000 Dogs, Cats and other household pets every year. We look forward to helping your pet reach their new home.

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Australia is introducing this new visa from November 2016
A consultation process for a new Entrepreneur visa has started last week, seeking feedback on the proposed settings for the visa.

The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne, said Australia wants to attract the best and brightest entrepreneurial talent and skills.

“It is critical for Australia’s prosperity and growth, that we not only tap into the best entrepreneurial minds in Australia, but we also make it easier for talent from overseas to contribute to this country’s innovative future,” Mr Pyne said.

“We are also keen to retain those educated and talented people, who have come to Australia and developed their knowledge base during their time in this country.”

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, said the visa would help promote innovation and encourage individuals to take part in the consultation process.

“Under the National Innovation and Science Agenda, the new Entrepreneur visa will facilitate the entry to Australia and stay of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and financial backing from a third party,” Mr Dutton said.

“I encourage individuals to provide their feedback as part of the consultation process to ensure the visa achieves the desired outcome.”

The Entrepreneur visa will be introduced in November 2016.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is seeking feedback on the proposed policy settings for the new visa – further information can be found on the Department’s website.

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Migration to Australia made easy
imageMoving to Australia is a big step but one made easier by a new insurance product that will help skilled migrants overcome some of the common obstacles.

BMigrating to Australia is a dream for many Brits, but the process can be long and testing for individuals and families alike. Although the benefits of life in Australia are obvious, the risks associated with moving to a new country can put off some hopefuls.

The thought of starting a new life in a country thousands of miles away from more familiar surroundings is enough to make them think twice. Furthermore, the costs involved in shipping, transporting and setting up a life in Australia can be extremely high which can limit who, in reality, is able to immigrate.

Questions constantly plague the migrant’s mind, such as; What will happen if a family member at home becomes ill? What will happen if I am involuntarily made redundant? How will I return home if I need to?

However, thousands of people each year do make the trip to Australia, and manage to secure a permanent visa. They know the pressure to go home may come one day, and the loss of a job or serious illness can very quickly change their circumstances.

Ex-Pats in Australia also appreciate that if they have to come back to their country of embarkation, the expense will be theirs and theirs alone. They know only too well about the costs they paid out to move to Australia, so the thought of doing it all again in a short space of time, with little funds, is a burden that they always carry with them.

This is also a significant issue for employers, who face losing their newly hired staff for issues that may be out of their control, making migrant hires a more complex and expensive process than is necessary. This is especially frustrating where talent has been brought in from another country to help develop services or products within Australia using skills that may not be easily available within the country.

Thankfully, there is a now an insurance product that can help alleviate some of that moving stress. Migration Cover offers the first comprehensive insurance product created specifically for skilled migrants. It provides a sense of security  for people immigrating, or those who have already immigrated, to Australia.

Migration Cover’s experience has shown that skilled migrants are most concerned about:

1. Leaving family behind
2. Illness or death in the family, including the migrants themselves
3. Involuntary redundancy
4. Leaving property behind

The product reduces the anxiety of immigrating by covering the policyholder’s repatriation, employment advocacy and travel needs.

Migration Cover costs less than you think, with packages to suit all budgets, whether you are single or have a family. So migrants can now ‘Go with Confidence!’™

For more information and a free quote, visit
Working holiday company refunds customers after investigation
A Gold Coast-based working holiday company has copped a fine and agreed to refund thousands of dollars to young travellers after Queensland's employment watchdog took the company to court.

The Global Work and Travel Co arranges travel and employment packages for 10,000 young people each year, primarily in Australia, UK, USA and Canada.

But in 2014, a joint ABC and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) investigation unearthed dozens of angry customers, who accused Global of charging big mark-ups, using high-pressure sales tactics, and making false promises about securing employment.

The stories prompted two separate investigations by the Queensland Government.

Queensland's Office of Industrial Relations (OIR) brought multiple charges against the company, and the charges have now all been settled.

On Monday, the OIR said it would not continue to pursue the company, after it agreed to pay the two backpackers $4,585 in outstanding fees charged for finding them work.

The company has seven days to make the payment, and the OIR says once it is made all action against the company will have been resolved.

In another hearing in February, The Global Work and Travel Co was fined $9,000 for six contraventions of the Private Employment Agents Act 2005

The charges were related to the company accepting a deposit/fee from work-seekers as a condition of finding work, failure to provide information statements to work-seekers and failure to keep a register of people looking for work.

Last year, a separate investigation by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading (OFT) resulted in 29 people who had signed up for travel packages assistance receiving partial refunds totalling $25,655.

The company denied misleading consumers or marking up flights and said its customer satisfaction rate was between 97.5 and 99 per cent.

The partial refunds, which ranged from approximately $200 to $1,500, came after a 13-month investigation by the OFT.

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