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  1. Update on Kidnapped Columban Missionary
  2. Help People Around the World Deal with Climate Change

Our colleagues at the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach sent us a message today, thanking us the prayers and concern that have been shown after Fr. Michael Sinnott was kidnapped last week in the Philippines.

However, the Columban office is now suggesting, due to the delicate nature of the situation on the ground, that the best way to show solidarity is to support the local Church and authorities in their efforts on Fr. Sinnott's case. Please disregard the Oct. 13 action alert if you have not responded already; we have been asked NOT to contact the State Department or the Philippine ambassador at this time.

Your continued prayers for his safe return are welcome.

Help People Around the World Deal with Climate Change

Tell Congress to support a climate bill that addresses the root causes of climate change and makes needed investments in communities that are finding ways to adapt.

Climate change is happening. People across the world, especially those who have done the least to cause it, are already bearing the brunt of climate change's effects: drought, disease and catastrophic crop failure, among others. Rapid, drastic changes in weather are wreaking havoc. Floods destroy people’s homes and droughts shrivel their crops, leaving communities unable to cope, and parents unable to feed their children.

Things will only get worse if we don't act now.  Congress is debating vitally important Climate legislation. Many vested interests, as well as conservative groups – including religious groups – continue to argue that global warming is NOT a serious problem and are working to block climate legislation. Congress needs to know these groups don't speak for everyone.

Communities across the world are already learning to adapt to changing weather conditions: growing drought resistant crops, storing food for lean times and installing severe weather alert systems, just to name a few examples.

But if climate change continues to worsen, they won't be able to keep up. To avoid future disaster, we're going to need bold action. We must counteract the root causes of climate change while at the same time making sure communities here and abroad have the resources they need right now to adapt to new conditions and rising energy prices.

Faithful America is an on-line community of people of faith who share a unifying commitment to restore community and uphold the common good in America and across the globe. They have developed an on-line petition calling for passage of climate change legislation in the Senate. We urge you to sign on. This measure would help to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change in the lives of people around the world. Click here to help communities stave off the worst effects of climate change.

By taking a comprehensive approach to stopping climate change from worsening and helping those already feeling its effects, we can save countless jobs, homes and lives right here and around the world.

But we're running out of time. The longer we wait to tackle the root causes of climate change, the harder it is to keep up and adapt.
This is the time to act. We need Congress to be good stewards now, in order to avoid irreversible damage later.
Tell Congress to act now by supporting innovation that is already happening around the world!

More about Faithful America:

In service to their core commitment to restore community and uphold the common good in America and across the globe, they seek to:
  • end poverty and promote economic security for all
  • promote peace and restore America's commitment to human rights and diplomacy
  • prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change
  • counter hate speech and misinformation in the media pertaining to people of faith
  • work for welcoming communities where immigrants and people of all faiths are welcome

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