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Poor Countries Need Debt Cancellation and Responsible Finance

We have received this Action Alert from our colleagues at Jubilee USA. Please take a moment to respond to this important request.

Haiti: Six Months Later

It’s been 6 months since Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. With your activism, Haiti was able to win full debt cancellation as a first step toward its long road to recovery. As our partners on the ground told us, debt cancellation was great news, but the delay had catastrophic results. For decades, debt payments siphoned precious money from investments in the most basic human needs, making the country much more vulnerable to disaster.  

Now is the time to make sure that we prevent future catastrophes in impoverished nations.  We need President Obama to hear that economic justice for the world’s poorest can’t wait. It’s needed right now!

Please take just a moment to urge your members of Congress take a stand.

Representative Waters and Senator Casey are asking their House and Senate colleagues to join them in signing letters to President Obama.  These letters urge President Obama to incorporate expanded debt cancellation and responsible finance for poor countries into his plan to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The President has promised to present such a plan to the United Nations in September.

Please call and email your Representative and Senators today to ensure that President Obama includes responsible finance and debt cancellation without harmful economic conditions as a part of his strategy to fight poverty and underdevelopment.

As we remember Haiti, we must continue to push our leaders to address the deeper issues that cause so much suffering in Haiti and around the world.


Julia and Carly, Jubilee USA

PS. Mark your calendars for Stand Up, Take Action weekend on September 17-19. Jubilee supporters across the country are planning events in their communities on the eve of the UN Meetings to discuss the Millennium Development Goals. Stay tuned for updates.

Make Mercury Pollution a Thing of the Past

Thanks to years of industrial pollution nearly all fish and shellfish on earth contain mercury, which is harmful to unborn babies.

The production of chlorine is a major contributor to the global mercury crisis -- but it doesn't have to be this way.

Take action to stop mercury pollution from outdated chlorine plants

Only a few older chlorine plants are still using old, dirty technology that dumps tons of mercury into our fragile ecosystems.

Most chlorine plants already switched to cleaner technology, but the last few holdouts release hundreds of pounds of mercury every year.

Tell your senators to pass the Mercury Reduction Act so all chlorine plants use cleaner technology

The last few holdout plants can take steps to help reduce mercury pollution immediately.

Thanks to Care2 Alerts for this Action.
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