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Have you ever sent an email to your subscribers, in which you offered something for sale, and readers replied THANKING you for sending it? 
If not, lemme tell you, it's the best feeling ever. 
Every week, in reply to this very email  (in which I often offer a product or service for sale), I get replies thanking me. At first, it was a total shock. But now, it makes sense. 
What I'm doing isn't magic. It isn't sneaky. It isn't even all that strategic.
It's open and honest and straight from my heart. 
I want to help my readers and I want to build real relationships with potential buyers. So I provide value + a real connection. And in exchange, the people who are ready for what I offer gladly buy it. (And those that aren't, still open my emails and send me sweet notes!)
I want this for you. 
Your business can be a lovely exchange in which you offer your best work to the world...and your buyers are thrilled to pay for it. They are grateful for it, because it's just right for them..and you offered it in a way that not only made them happy, it improved their life. 
But instead of a happy exchange, I work with makers who are struggling and fearful. They don't want to send a newsletter lest it "annoy" their subscribers. They don't want to link to a product lest it seem "salesy." 
And they lament their lack of sales and impact. 
It's all connected.
 When you don't know how to build relationships with your potential buyers and when you don't feel comfortable making a clear offer, your sales will suffer. the heck to do it? 
The solution is twofold:
1. You gotta re-frame how you think about your "marketing" (relationship-building), so that you're more comfortable doing it. 
2. And you've got to put it all together in a way that makes sense for you and your customer. 
I call this building the Customer Path. Think of it as clearing a path through a dense forest of confusion for your just-right customer to find you, fall in love with your work, and happily buy it. 
Yes, this is marketing, but in a way that makes sense, that is coherent, that fits together. 
To dive with you into DOING this in your own business (without spending all your time on Twitter), I've created a new class: From Hi to Buy: Craft a Customer Path. 
This class will be held live*, online, just once. It begins May 26, but registration closes May 23. In it, we'll cover what to say in blog posts + emails, how social media fits in, and how to move your customers along your path (and increase your sales).  Most importantly, you'll create YOUR customer path, with the specifics of what you'll do to build relationships with your buyers. 
*live = the class will be in an online space where I'll answer your questions daily!
Got questions? Just hit reply and lemme know, 
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