It ain't sexy, but it works
We've been talking about the lessons we learned in 2012 (Lesson 1 is here and Lesson 2 is here), but this last lesson, it's the one that really ties it all together.

The thing is, when you learn a lesson in your biz (or life), it's so obvious. Of course! This is the thing that works!
But then, life. The new year shows up, orders come in, craft show applications arrive and we get excited about a new product.
Taking what you've already learned, and applying it again and again to your business  -  that's hard. 
To really let it soak in and inform what you do, to remember oh yeah, I already figured out that this works better than that - it's nearly impossible. 

But that's where the growth really is.
That's where you stop making the mistake or being inefficient or burning out. 

Remembering is hard, so review is vital. 

Have you experienced this in your year? You learned something important (Don't check emails first thing in the morning. Too many shows in a month leads to burnout. Don't try labeling after 10 pm)...and then promptly forgot to use what you learned. You wasted money, time, or just got sucked into a crummy day. 

So how do we fix this?
How do we make sure that the stuff you learn in the daily doing-your-thing really sticks with you? We know* that trying to keep it all in your own head (or in random bits of paper) doesn't work. 
*Well, I know this is for true for me and it seems a lot of you have learned the same thing, the hard way.

When I asked you for your lessons of 2012 you told me what worked for you is Scheduled Review. 

Oh, I know. It sounds boring + corporate. But I promise we can find a way to make it fun.

An Example: Amy's long-term goal has been to increase her Etsy sales. As the holiday season approached, she looked back at what she did last year (easy to do since she did Holiday Sanity for the last three years). She identified what worked and what was a waste of time. Then: she just did what worked last year...and her November sales were 320% over last year's! And 150% over her goal! 

Regular review is doing what ever reminds you: 
1. What you learned 
2. How to apply it today's decisions. 

You might do this by taking a class or reading a book that asks you to remember what you already know. You might review in a simple conversation with someone who gets what you do. You might do it in the weekly Starship check-in.
No matter how you do it, you told me that when you remember what you know, you make better decisions. 

Now that you know that review is important, how will you DO it in your New Year? 

We were talking about this in the Starship chat a few weeks ago. We were looking forward at how we wanted to wrap the year. Not just to say "Ok, I learned these lessons" but how can we make sure that we make decisions using what we learned? How can we build review and renewal into the entire new year? 

And thus was born a new book: A Yearbook of Your Mission.
(or a more clever title)

It starts like your typical year-end workbook, with questions and exercises and review of the whole year. You start thinking about what you want in the new year and what, specifically, you're going to work on. The projects, the ideas, the whole environment of your business.

But then it gets interesting (this is Ana's idea, which was just so awesome we all jumped on it + I built it into the structure of the Starship): 

The Yearbook becomes the Book of Your Year, for the whole year. Instead of being a one-time fill-in-and-put-in-the-closet thing, we'll work with the book, your lessons and your goals throughout the year. We'll add new worksheets to your book each month. Together, we'll create a ritual of revisiting your lessons (and adding the new ones you've learned) and when you have to make a big decision, we'll remind you to revisit the book. 
When we have our one-on-one conversations, we'll use your book (and we'll add our discussion notes to it). When you make a map, it'll go in the book (along with your completed to-do list.)

The Yearbook is only available inside the Starship (and of course, just like everything else we do, it's totally free for members.)

To join us in making your most-remembering year ever, beam aboard the Starship here

What was your big lesson of 2012? How will you remember it in the new year? Hit reply and let me know, 



PS. Got questions about the Starship? Hit reply and ask me! (I can also hook you up with some members that can tell you what it's like for them)
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