You're not dreaming too small. 
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Darling sunbeam, 
Based on the reaction I've gotten to yesterday's blog post (pretty overwhelming), I'm guessing you're also tired of being told you should grow and get better and improve, as if this is supposed to happen every month, every week, every day. As if it's supposed to be all you do. 

I'm guilty of this. When I share map-making examples, they often center on the BIG stories - the people who make a map for a big businessy goal (more sales! more money!) and then reach their goal. These examples are inspiring and true and worth celebrating. 

But that's not the whole story, and it might lead you to believe that the only plans worthy of your attention (and plotting) are those big  big, glorious goals. 
When all of the outside world focuses on GROWTH, it can make us feel like that if we're not working towards something bigger and better, we're not working. That a tiny goal, like paying attention to what we love, is not a worthy goal, or we're "taking a month off". 
But that's not true. 

Every single thing you pay attention to, every lesson you learn and everything you do inside your business leads to growth. Growth as a person, growth as a business owner, growth as a maker. And it all deserves your respect and your time. 

Even the small-seeming plans ARE worthy of your time and your energy and your smarts.  No matter what your goal is, no matter what you want from the next three months, you can plan for it. Everything you want - from more time off, to getting in the flow, to finding what you really love - can be mapped. Maybe you'll need a big list of to-dos, maybe you'll need an hour each week to work on it, or maybe you'll want to set up daily reminders to pay attentio. Whatever it is, planning for it will make it infinitely more doable. 
The way you respect your wishes, the way you give yourself that space, the way you make it doable is pretty simple.  Set the intention. Decide on your focus and then decide that it is worth your time. It's not too insignificant.
Then, find a way to work it into your life, day or week. Making a visual map, where you can see the logical progression, works for some people  Setting aside a bit of time works for others. Using your intention as  a filter (asking: Does this bring me closer? Or distract me?) works for just about everyone. 
Now that you have permission to focus on whatever you want in your business, what is your intention for this quarter? 
PS. If you've made a map, I'd love to see it! Hit reply and send me a picture, or use the tag #mapmaking and share it on Instagram or Twitter! 

Your Mission
  • Give yourself permission to set whatever goal you want for this quarter. 
  • Set your intention. (Hit reply and tell me about it!)
  • If you feel overwhelmed, make a map to get there. 
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