The point is to make the time to do it.

Hello there and happy new year!


I’ll be totally honest with you: This week has been a crazy one. I’m heading to San Diego tomorrow morning, to teach at TNNA (the yarn industry trade show) and with Academy of Handmade (this is open to everyone! Grab your ticket now!). We’re moving houses (same town, to a house! with an office!) the day after I get home (next Friday).


So I spent the week writing classes, working on two weeks' worth of content (so I deliver all the free weekly goodness, even when I’m out of town, like the podcast and these emails!) and boxing up everything I own. I didn’t spend the week planning my year or setting goals or Map Making.


Right now, I can’t seem to think beyond 1/15 (the date we move). I’ve got a (fun) marathon to run (metaphorically) before then. So to think about what I want my life to be like at the end of 2016, or even in February... well, it’s just impossible to imagine, even if I had the brain space (I definitely don’t).


But you know what?

That’s ok.

I can start my New Year planning after the move. It’s never too late to set an intention, it’s never too late to make a goal and create a plan for reaching that goal. It’s never too late to commit to taking action.


So if you haven’t yet thought about what you want your 2016 to be like, or if you haven’t set a goal or made a map, it’s not too late. It’s never too late. You can do it now. Or Jan 16th.


But don’t use this as an excuse to wait. If you’re swamped now, just focus on getting through it. If you’ve just put it off, set aside the time.

Right now. Pick a date. When will you sit down and answer some questions? (I use Leonie’s workbook, followed by The Map Making Guide for a do-able plan.)

And if you have been too busy to set aside to plan for the new year, this might be the very reason you need to plan -- what are you busy doing? Is it moving your business forward? Is it ALL necessary? What could you say No to? What could you change? What could you build systems for?


I’m spending my flights tomorrow asking myself these very questions. I’m grateful for the systems I have, that are going to get emails and podcasts out on time. But the new year already has twice as many teaching gigs (and travel) than ever before, so it’s time to look at changing some stuff up.


What needs to be changed, systematized, or ditched in your biz?



PS. If you’re in San Diego, join me Monday night!


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