Even when you're on vacation.
Last week I wrote a long, in-depth post about how I schedule social media and this week in the podcast, I talk all about scheduling a launch and fitting all the bits together. Both of these posts were also a sneaky behind-the-scenes look at how my business was running right in that moment
You see, the last 2 weeks of content (blog posts, podcasts, email notes like this one) have come to you on time ... even though I took a week off work. I wrote and recorded everything in advance and scheduled it to be published while I was offline. 
Four years ago I wrote that systems allowed me to take some time off work and spend more time with family and that's still  true, even though over the years my systems have shifted (as my work and production has shifted). I used to need systems for yarn production, labeling and shipping. Now I need systems for writing, teaching, and publishing. 
No matter what I'm making, systems help. Systems for social media, systems for launching, and systems for regularly scheduled content. 
I realize that both those posts casually mention scheduled content, although I never really got into it. The fact is, having a content calendar, and a plan for what I'll post on what days (blog posts = Tuesdays, podcast = Wednesdays, this email lesson = Thursdays) is the backbone of everything else. It provides me with a structure of when to write and record, which then informs what I schedule on social media and what pieces of content I create for a launch. I work on the content calendar about a month in advance, and then I create the content a week before it goes live (the exception is these email lessons, which I write the day before you get them, so I can reply in real time your comments and questions).
I don't often get into the nitty gritty details, because I find it distracting from the bigger lesson: A plan makes things better. That's really the heart of it. You don't have to write a blog post or email lesson every week. You don't need a podcast. You don't have to do anything other people do, but you do need to do something to connect regularly with your people and you need to be ultra-consistent in doing it.   
No matter what you make or how you make it: Systems will make life (and business) easier. 
(Note: it's never going to be EASY, but it can be easier to be consistent.) 
Now, don't let this become another "should-do" that weighs you down. Instead, focus on what you already systematize and identify what works so well about that. Then, apply those aspects to an area where you feel like you could improve your consistency, bit by bit. 
(Reality Check: my content calendar has just been in operation for a couple of months....after 5 years (10 of writing these lessons). Before that I wrote every piece of content a few hours before I posted it).
Remember: it's not important that you get this RIGHT, it's important that you get it started. 
What are the systems you already use? 
What are the systems that need improvement? 
Hit reply and let me know, I love to hear from you!
Systematically yours, 
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