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One of the hardest parts of what we do - this building a business based on the work of our hands and minds, with a spirit of curiosity and gentleness - is that it can be downright lonely. 
Finding people who get it - who get the craftiness, who get the desire to do our own thing, who get that we want to do all this while still enjoying our lives - is hard. 
A few months ago I wrote about how craft shows changed my life, because they made me feel not-so-alone. They encouraged me that what I was doing wasn't so crazy or bizarre. Other people were doing it too!!
But when I came back from the craft show, back to my own small town, I felt the loneliness, the nobody-gets-it, even more strongly. I knew those people were out there, and I was connecting with them on Twitter, but I wanted to have real conversations, longer than 140 characters. I wanted to ask my questions and not feel weird or worried. I was blessed that I become friends with several other business-y people (sadly, none of them makers!) through a friend, and the conversations, connections, and referrals forever altered the shape of my business. They referred new clients to me, they recommended great software, they encouraged me that I could do it. 
I soon felt the same desire from my own students. They asked me "Is anyone else doing this?!" My teaching is interwoven with the stories of my students (this worked for X, while Y discovered...), but it makes all the difference to hear it straight from someone else's mouth. So four years ago, I built a space that would provide this interaction - a place where you could post any question, and be sure to get a kind, encouraging answer, a space where you would be held accountable by others who really get it, a community that will support you, encourage you, and recommend you. (I've lost track of all the collaborations; there are many!)
You're invited into The Starship - a community of growing businesses, makers, designers, and writers. 
I built the Starship for you, and it's unlike anything else I offer: 
1. Every week, you're invited to a live (text) chat, where you'll have the opportunity to share your progress and ask me any of your questions. (Yes, every single person who comes gets a turn.)
2. You can post your questions 24/7 and get feedback from me and the 70+ other experienced makers and writers. 
3. You have free access to absolutely everything else I sell (including the 6 month program, Lift Off). 
I wish I could have joined this group 7 years ago.
I would have given anything to have a group of people -- people just like me -- who were going through the exact same thing.
People who had gone through the same challenges I had. For example, "I have to change my prices and I'm not sure how to announce should I phrase it?" And someone responds a few hours later, saying, "I had the exact same situation last's what I did..."
People who could hold me accountable for all the things I "wanted" to do -- like pursue wholesale accounts, apply to a craft show, raise my prices, stay focused, even force myself to do my numbers.
In other words: Not do it alone! Why should I spend weeks on something alone, when I could have done it in minutes when working with someone else?
The Starship gives you access to some of my best students -- who can help you in your exact challenge -- because they've been through it.
Plus, members host meet-ups all over the country, all the time. This year they met up at Rhinebeck, SAFF, TNNA, in Detroit, NYC, Boston and with me in San Francisco, Asheville, and San Diego! 
If you want to have the support and encouragement to make 2015 your best year, beam aboard the Starship
Since I sent an invitation to the Early Boarding Party on Monday, 1/3 of the spots have already filled. I planned to close the Starship on January 2nd, but if it fills up before then it'll close sooner. (If you've signed up here you'll get a last-minute warning.)
Join the Starship now, or hit reply and ask me anything about it,
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