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You might have noticed that in all my emails to you, I ask you to "hit reply" to tell me what's going on with you. The reason? I get the best emails! You are smart and funny and doing amazing work (even when you're discouraged.) Sometimes I share these emails on my blog or the site
Today, the Starship opens for boarding, so I wanted to celebrate by sharing an email I received from a Captain. 
 A lot of you write to ask me: Is the Starship for me? You're not a crafter or an artist, and you wonder if the Starship helps people like you. Well, Beverly's a writer, professor, and editor and she sent me the exact same question back in February. 
Here's what she sent me last week: 
"My microbusiness is full of challenges. Sometimes the challenges present themselves as little gremlins: “you’re not good enough” or “who would pay to take a course about tracking time?” Sometimes the challenges present themselves as road blocks: “how on Earth should I distribute the course materials?” or “what do I do next?”

I joined the Starship in March, the vision for my microbusiness blurry. I knew the things I might like to do in addition to offering manuscript consultations, but I had no idea how to take my experience as a college professor and use it to benefit my tribe.

Between March and June, I experimented, reporting to the other Starship Captains, getting feedback, and sometimes a stern scolding to just deliver the goods, dang it! And so I did.

In July and August I exceeded the income goals I had set, and I’m poised in September to do the same. The clarity I gain in weekly check-ins and the forums builds my confidence that I DO, in fact, know what to do next and that I can, in fact, deliver the goods, and the goods are, after all, useful to my people.


It isn’t only the interaction on the Starship that helps me. During my August 1:1 with Tara we strategized about the next four offerings I dreamed of bringing to the world. A picture of my “right person” developed as clearly as if Tara waved a Polaroid in front of me.

The challenges have transformed into a map that harnesses my love of living in a state of “what if”. There’s no place I’d rather be!"

What are the challenges in your tiny business? 
(Hit reply to tell me!)
If you think accountability, focused attention, and a community of explores could help you transform your challenges, beam aboard:
And if you have a question, go on and ask me! 
I read + reply to every single email, 
PS. Starship Boarding closes in a little over a week (9/30). Beam up or ask your question before then! 

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