We are the captains who say: Yay!
My most-favorite job title is Offcial Yay-er. The best part of my work is hearing good news. Yep, as Commodore of the Starship, it's my job to both ask about and then celebrate the success of the Captains.

But there's a moment of hesitation before the haver-of-good-news shares it. I get that. We're raised (maybe especially as women?) to not brag. To be polite. To not making everyone feel bad.

But celebrating your success is important. 
It is SO easy to jump from one project to the next. To set a goal, reach it and immediately set your sights onto the next thing.

Even a BIG thing, like finishing the book, tripling your list, booking your first speaking gig (all things Captains did in the last 3 months) are easy to move past.
And that makes sense. When you reach one place, you start looking around at where you want to go next. 
But this endless focus on what's next can distort reality. When celebrations are skipped, you forget what you accomplished. You forget that you have met goals in the past, that everything hasn't always been this struggle, that you have a history of success and a skill for completing projects. 
So celebration is important, but we are driven to push past it and focus on the next thing. What to do?

My solution is to ask, every single week: What's going well? That's it. I ask that in the Starship chat (along with some other questions) and every week we get a litany of awesomeness. Karen landed two new clients. Ana got a new wholesale customer. Heather's press release was picked up over 200 times. Riin finished the big custom project. (This was just last week.)
Sure, as soon as the hour is over, those makers are moving on to their next project, but I remember. The community remembers. The Starship becomes a container of past success and celebration. When you come back next week with a list of things are not going well, we are there to remind you that you've got this. You've had successes. You reached your last goal. You've learned this lesson already. You will come through.
Sometimes I think this is the hidden secret of the Starship. Yes, it's a community of smarties that can give you brilliant answers to any of your quandaries  Yes, it's weekly accountability for your projects.  Yes, it's a quarterly invitation to create measurable goals and plot your path.

But at the heart, the real reason any of that even works, is that the Starship is a vessel of our success. It holds our joys and our challenges and, when we need it most it, reminds us. 
So today, as I open the vessel to new members, as I celebrate it's 2nd birthday, I invite you to celebrate your successes, to share them with me. Hit reply and tell me what has recently gone well in your work, what goal you reached, what needs celebrating. 


PS. To beam aboard the Starship and join us in celebrating, map-making and remembering what makes you awesome, go here:

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