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Hello again! 
Since Monday y'all have sent me some great questions! I'm going to share the most-recently asked, but pleeease feel free to hit reply and ask me YOUR specific question. Everyone's different! 
Is it for me?
Maybe! Read this to find out who it is not for and  read this to help you decide if you should buy it (or any class or book)... or just hit reply and ask me!
When does it close?
The Starship closes for the quarter on September 30th around 10 pm EST...or when 9 more people join.
Why the limit? Why the limited Boarding time?
I get to know every single new member. Not only do I check out your site, welcome you in with a personal email, and start following you on Twitter, we also will have two one-on-one conversations during the year! Realistically, I can only really get to know 10 new people at a time. (Pesky time-space continuum!
Boarding's open once a quarter, so that soon after you beam up, you can join the whole Starship in live map-making, which we do at the beginning of each quarter. This makes sure that we both (me + you) know the destination you're working towards, and can shape all of our work around that.
My partner isn't too into it. How can I get them on board? 
You are not alone! I hear this so often, I wrote a whole post on getting your partner to support your business dreams:
And if they have Starship-specific questions, I've got some scripts to help you answer:
I know it can be frustrating, but take a deep breath.
Instead of seeing your partner on the opposing side of this argument, what if you thought of their questions as self-inquiry prompts? What if you took the time to get to the root of the issue? 
If money is the question, don't get mad, do the math!
Take the Starship payment plan ($50 every 2 weeks) and divide it by the average price of your product. Is that number of sales realistic with focused growth? If not, that's ok! You can join the Starship next year! 
If you see that you can easily afford it, ask yourself these questions to discover if this is the right investment. 
No matter what your questions are, take this weekend and: 
Write down what you really want in your business. 
Write down a specific goal that accountability + planning could help you reach. 
Yes, I am giving you homework! 
I want every Starship Captain to craft the business they truly want, in a sustainable, joyful way. I want you to have space to explore and learn and grow. I think we can make that happen together, if you come with a clear intention and no hesitation. 
If you're ready to join (or you have any questions), go on and hit reply and tell me the answers to your homework questions. I can't wait to meet you and explore with you, 
PS. You'll get an email Monday morning when the Starship reopens! If you know you don't want to join ever, go on and unsubscribe now! 
PPS. I read and answer every email. Just so you know, I answer about 5 questioning emails for every 4 new captains. So don't feel weird! 
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