Ho there, explorer! 
I hope you're staying warm and snuggled this winter. 
(Or cool and dry in the Southern Hemisphere!) 
I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated with the snow days. You see, I do my best work from a busy cafe, headphones on, just me + my laptop. When I'm snowed-in there are endless distractions: I should do the dishes! I could bake! My husband wants to enjoy his forced day-off by talking to me! (the nerve!)

But the heart of exploring is to ask: What if I just accepted it for what it is? What could this teach me? 

First, I'm reminded that my job is NOT to be productive. It's to create + share what only I can. (For more on not being productive, read this.)
Next, I realize this is a great opportunity to figure out what the Minimal Operating Actions are. What's the very least I can do to keep my commitments? This can teach me what's superfluous in my day + guide my decisions when I'm back to 100%. 
This is also a great health-check for your business. 
If you have to work at 100% ALL the time in order to keep everything flowing, you've got a problem. Because life is unpredictable. Things change. Your business needs to be strong + flexible enough to support you no matter what comes along. 

What do you do if you find your biz can't handle a snow day, a sick day, or a break? 

Let's explore! 
(Get out your pen + paper, or open a .doc!)
1. Review everything you think you have to do. Make a list of everything. Next to each action you "have" to do, write your WHY. 
Why do you have to do this? 
How does it directly support cash flow? 
How does it directly support customer relations? 
2. List your cash flow streams. 
Where is money coming from? 
What do you have to do before money can flow from that stream? 
(ex. Online shop = you have to make your item, photograph it, list it - all before you can sell it. Then you have to ship it within a few days.)
3. Diversify! 
Where else could money flow? 
What would require a different kind of up-front work before money could flow through that stream? 
(ex. Wholesale accounts = you get paid, make the product, ship it to them (or you can invoice them after you ship it.))
Be careful: Look for new streams that suit YOU and what you like best about your business. Don't add a stream because it's what OTHER people do. Your best streams will come from ones that you make up based on what you've learned your people need + what you are awesome at doing. 
(My most-supportive money-streams have come from things I created based on what you tell me you need + what I am good at doing, like the Solo Mission.)

Remember: the point is not to DO more work, but to craft sustainability.*

Does your biz allow snow days? 
Hit reply + let me know how you're exploring flexibility + diversification. 
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