What I've learned as a lone wolf.
This week, on the blog + podcast I've been sharing a bit about my own experience with community. 
The truth is, I'm not much of a joiner. I have a hard time asking for help.  As the oldest child/introvert/whatever*, I don't naturally look to others. I'm fiercely independent and internally-motivated.  I don't naturally "fit in"...or even feel compelled to try. (Ask my Junior High classmates ... or my college roommates.)
*(My dad calls this family trait being "Born to Lead." He might be biased.)
And yet...
I've had to acknowledge that my best growth, my biggest ideas, heck, my sparkle has always been spotted first by others. Friends + supporters can see what I'm too close to see for myself.
Whether you're a social butterfly or a lone wolf, having a group of smart, been-there, willing-to-help people can change everything. It answers those wake-you-up-at-3 am questions. It encourages you that you are not alone. It reminds you of your focus, when you start to wander off (hey, it happens to all of us!). 
But here's the thing about being in a community: You are still responsible for your own life and business. No matter what they promise, no one else can tell you what will work for you. You have to learn, experiment, and then review: Did it work? Did it not? 
When you ask others for their help, opinions, or suggestions, YOU are still The Decider: you decide what advice to take and what to ignore.*
*There's a lesson on how to do this in the Starship Orientation, because I know it's not always easy! 
As I shared on the podcast, I started the Starship because I looked at my inbox and I thought:  Person A could really help  Person B better than I could...I should make it easier for them to meet, talk, and ask these questions. So I did! If you could use the support of others, and you're willing to accept your own responsibility to take action in your business (and life!), check out the Starship
If you've got any questions, hit reply and ask!
PS. The Starship closes TOMORROW for the quarter, so if you don't join now, you won't have another chance until September:
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