Avoid the ugly sweaters and get goods for your healthy business
This is the season of gift-giving and new-year-planning,and  I think it's a splendid time to tell your family how important to your business adventures are to you AND how, exactly, you'd like them to support you. 

But this is  challenging (so many of you email me about this!) and I want to make it easier. 
To help you communicate your wishes to your loved ones, I've created a template for you to fill in and send to your loved ones. Send it now, send it on New Year's Day or on the day you're ready to quit your dayjob. The trick is to make it work for YOU and for what you want from your work and your support team. 

Oh, and if you send this now, it does double-duty as being a guilt-free way for your loved ones to buy you a last-minute gift :) I've even included a bit of instructions for them, in case they choose to buy you a Map-Making Guide or Market Yourself 

(sidenote :: I got this idea last year from a Starship member. She received her membership as a gift from her husband! I can't think of a better way to show you support someone than by investing in them! I sent a similar email last year and 4 people used it to get a Map-Making Guide or Starship membership! I know not everyone is comfortable shopping online, so I made this is easy as possible.)

Copy and paste below this line (but remember to pick one word from each set of brackets!)

Darling [friend, lover, parent, child],
In this season of gifts and resolutions, I've been thinking a lot about my [budding, growing] creative business. 
As this year winds down, I just want to thank you for your support so far. The way you've [encouraged me, listened to me talk, brainstormed ideas] has been invaluable. Thank you for being there with me this year. 
In the coming year, I've got even bigger plans. [Fill in the blank with one of your biggest dreams IF you feel safe sharing it with this person.] I feel I can be bold and brave as I plan my new year, thanks in large part to your friendship. 
--[optional section for those who you know will be buying you a gift]--
If you'd like to support me in a more tangible way this year, I'd so appreciate it. I'd really like a [
Map-Making Guide to help me chart my next moves or Market Yourself, to help me spread the word about my work].
Thank you, again, for being part of my dreams and my success,
[insert name]

PS. In case those links didn't work, here they are:
Map-Making Guide ::
Market Yourself ::

And that's it!
If you've got any questions about giving or getting anything, just hit reply to this email and let me know. 

See you in the New Year,

PS. I know it seems odd, but a lot of people don't know that underlined links are links to click on, so putting the full link in the PS ensures they don't miss it (also, some email services strip your links of their linky-ness but if you have it written out, they can copy + paste)

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