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Happy Thanksgiving 
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Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings together friends, family, delicious foods, and of course many reasons to be thankful.  Grand Teton Brewing is thankful for yet another year of growth and success.  Our greatest thank you goes out to our consumers and distributors for pushing us over the 10,000 barrel production mark.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Throughout the last year we have said goodbye to some great employees and interns.  In turn, we have built a strong team that possesses a great work ethic, diverse personalities, and positive attitudes.  We thank our team for working so hard to brew, package and ship our beer.  Here in Teton Valley, we are fortunate to be part of an exceptional community.  We are thankful to have the opportunity to work with local businesses, retailers, non-profits, and great customers throughout the year.

We thank all of you for your support and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Photo taken at MD Nursery in Driggs, ID.

Hot off the press: 
2013 Release Schedule is now available!

While we are enjoying the recent release of Coming Home Holiday Ale 2012 along with the continued distribution of Double Bitch Creek, we have been planning exciting releases for 2013.  To make this coming year even more special, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary of bringing you   delicious beer.  Our Brewmaster, Rob, and the rest of the Brew Crew will be reintroducing select Cellar Reserve beers from the past.  

To help map out your beer tasting for next year, please click here to see the 2013 Release Schedule.  Stay tuned for more details of what we have in store for the upcoming year.  

Incorporate Grand Teton Beer at your Thanksgiving table --

Whether it’s sipping Coming Home Holiday Ale 2012, or incorporating our delicious brews into your signature dish, beer deserves a special place at your Thanksgiving table.  The Brewers' Association website,, gives plenty of pairing tips and recipe ideas.  

After the festivities are over, please write to us at Beermail to share your Thankgiving recipe or Thanksgiving shenanigans that include our beer.


Calling All Holiday Shoppers!

As the Holidays approach quickly, make shopping even easier this year by stocking up on brewery gear for your favorite Grand Teton Brewing beer fan.  We will soon have Grand Teton Brewing trucker hats available to add to our growing retail collection.  Feel free to shop the rest of our merchandise on our website.

Please call Grand Teton Brewing at 1-888-899-1656 to order.  For distributor or retailer promotion use, please contact the Grand Teton Brewing Sales Department.

Brewer, Chaz hansen

Coming Home Holiday Ale 2012 tasting notes from Brewer, Chaz Hansen

This year's Coming Home Holiday Ale is an exciting winter warmer.  It pours a tawny tan with a light ruby hue and a charming effervescence.  A delicate perfume aroma is rich with apricot and caramel scents which invite you to experience the crisp yet warming flavors of cider, almonds, and dried fruit with a hint of spirits.  The faint essence of cherry-blossom honey leaves the palate with a refreshing dryness that beckons with each sip.

Early Winter Events

Test Kitchen:

Roasted Garlic Sweetgrass Mashed Potatoes

Spice up traditional mashed potatoes by adding a little Sweetgrass American Pale Ale.  This dish is sure to impress anyone at your Thanskgiving table.

Visit our
blog to see the recipe.


A Brief History of Beer and the Mayflower

Surprisingly, few people know the significance that beer played with the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock.  The Mayflower originally set out with a destination of the Colony of Virginia.  Land was first seen at Cape Cod.  The ship spent several weeks trying to go south to the colony; however, treacherous seas and inclimate weather forced the vessel back to Cape Cod. 

Mayflower passenger William Bradford explained the unintended landing, “We could not take time for further search or consideration, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer.” Water was unsafe when traveling for long periods, which made beer a staple drink on board the Mayflower.  Beer contained no harmfulbacteria, and was a reliable source of carbohydrates.  At a much lower alcohol percentage, “Ship’s Beer” was drunk daily by crew members, nursing mothers, and children.  When ship beer supplies ran low, Mayflower passengers realized that their journey had ended and they would reside at Plymouth Rock. 

Mayflower Brewing Company and 


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