TaxPayers’ Alliance criticises £67 million wasteful subsidy to pharmacists 

The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has criticised the £67 million subsidy given to pharmacists for Medicine Use Reviews (MURs), which many GPs regard as a waste of money.

The reviews encourage pharmacists to spot any overlaps or interactions between medicines being taken by patients. They are also intended to reduce drug waste but a recent academic study saw GPs call their effectiveness into question, saying they “were, by and large, viewed as a waste of time and money.”

The key findings of this report are: 

  • Pharmacists are paid £28 for each review by the NHS. National chains like Boots, Tesco and Asda have many branches and make millions a year by carrying out MURs.
  • There is no specific time given to perform a MUR, but a small survey of pharmacists suggests that it takes between 5 and 15 minutes, which means the pharmacist is effectively being paid between £112 and £336 an hour.
  • Average funding to a GP, for a patient on their list for a whole year, is £64.59. A pharmacist gets almost half of this just for performing a single MUR.
  • Each pharmacy branch is allowed to perform a maximum of 400 MURs each year, for a total revenue of £11,200. The total revenue for national chains can be much higher, as they have many branches nationwide.
Matthew Sinclair, Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“These Medicine Use Reviews are incredibly expensive and achieving very little. The Government should act to reduce the cost of MURs rather than continuing with a system that encourages national chains to try and squeeze as much money out of taxpayers as possible, to pay for reviews that most doctors don’t think represent good value.”

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