TPA calls for an end to MPs renting offices from their political parties or paymasters

Following the figures released today by IPSA showing that MPs have spent £3.6 million of taxpayers' money renting offices from their political parties, the TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) has called for an end to the practice. The campaign group has also voiced concerns about the practice of MPs renting offices from organisations or individuals who in turn then donate money to their political party.

Jonathan Isaby, Political Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

"It’s one thing if a local political party offers their MP and staff free use of a desk or an office, but quite another for it to be sending taxpayers an annual invoice for thousands of pounds. Often this is space that would not in any case be available to anyone else on commercial terms.

“The practice of MPs renting space from those who also donate money to the MP or their party should also set alarm bells ringing. It’s effectively a back-door subsidy to political parties that is exploiting an allowance meant to assist MPs in their work serving their constituents, not boost the coffers of their re-election campaign. Individuals, businesses or trade unions should be free to provide office space to an MP as a donation-in-kind, but invoicing the taxpayer for that facility before then making a political donation appears to be little more than a sneaky way of channelling taxpayers' cash into party coffers."

“IPSA must urgently review the rules and bring these practices to an end."

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Notes to editors

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