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We are now live on Artsy!

Artsy, a well-known resource for art collection and education, is now featuring ARTDIVANO on their website. Visit the link below to have a look at our gallery of artists, and keep checking as we'll be adding more soon!

On Artsy, we have launched an exclusive collection from artist Amal Deyhle's works in oil impasto. A German national with Arab roots, Amal has a full background and a lifetime of experience that shines through her artwork. Her oil on canvas is multi-layered and she describes it as a display of her life's path, through past, present, and future, and a visual representation of her memories.

Bin Faqeeh's Art Campaign

As art consultants to software & design company, Ignite, we introduced and advised three ARTDIVANO artists Abbas Almosawi, Thajba Najeeb, and Noely Santos to be featured in Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company's 'Home' campaign. Each of our artists explained what a home meant to them, and proceeded to paint how they felt. We love the results and are so proud of our talented artists.

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 for more information about our art consultancy work and a look at our portfolio. 

Feature of the Month

Perfect for a corporate or individual gift, this mini sculpture is made of Mexican Oak from Texas by ARTDIVANO artist Eva Graf.

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