January 31, 2019
Issue No. 26

Housing agenda takes another step -  
I was delighted that the Council approved the acquisition of 290 Northwood Way. It is the first step of many to try and get some workforce housing built in that area.

Of course, as with any workforce housing proposal, there’s a little fear in the air. I know that we will only take that next step if the project is something that the community supports, and something we can all be proud of.

Light Industrial Zone (LI) conversation kicks off - I am thankful that so many people attended our Open House on the light industrial area. The vision is simple: Protect industrial users and encourage more true light-industrial development while enabling the development of workforce housing. We were able to illustrate the visual impact on the area of adding additional height allowances as well as discuss the pros and cons of mixing housing with industrial use. The written public comments and presentation panels are all available for your review – check out the link later in this newsletter. We will now be taking the conversation to the council to seek their consideration of possible changes to the zoning requirements. Thank you for your input; it helps tremendously with our decision making.

Housing keeps our smiles in town - I look forward to the day that workforce housing is not viewed with fear, but is viewed with excitement, expectation and opportunity. After all, housing is not about buildings, structures, traffic, parking or noise.  Housing is about people--people that contribute to our community, enrich our day, add vibrancy to our town and bring a smile to our face. I am glad we are making progress in keeping some more of those smiles in town.

Smile on!


Don’t let the snow fool you, fires still happen during winter months. As a measure for your own safety and that of your neighbors, please help us by clearing the snow around the fire hydrants near your property to make for quick access in case of an emergency.
 FEBRUARY 25 | 4:30PM 
The cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley will hold a joint meeting at the Limelight Hotel to discuss the consolidation of fire and police services. Feel free to join us!
This year's Pond Hockey gold was claimed by two Ketchum teams! The Hattrick Swayzes defeated Boise's Rocky 2-0 in Division B, while defending champs Kennedrunks defeated Seattle's The Herd 10-5 in Division A. A special thanks to Mahoney's Bar & Grill and Play Hard Give Back for keeping the hundreds of participants and spectators well-fed.
Finally, the media is reporting good news. This week, The New York Times published another story celebrating dark sky tourism in Idaho. Check it out here.

We asked for your opinion on the Light Industrial District, and boy did you deliver. We got everything from praise to “frank feedback,” but overall we hear that this community cares about affordable housing, maintaining existing businesses and generally feels that we are on the right track. Take a look at the public comments and our presentation to the community here.

Staff will be making recommendations for an ordinance change for the Light Industrial District based on information received from the public at the Open House. Changes will include the allowance of housing on the first floor in LI3 and height allowance throughout some parts of the zone of 48 feet.

There has been some confusion around the bike path. Before our meeting next week, please read this letter from the Mayor to clarify:

Thank you for your comments about the bike path.  At this time, there are no active plans to relocate the bike path. In the event the City and the school district decide to pursue a relocation of the bike path, there will be an extensive public process with ample opportunity for community input.  

However, there is an item that will come before the City Council on February 4th, 2019 that may lead to confusion so I want to clarify what this item is all about...

The item on the agenda is titled as follows:

6a. Action: Hemingway School Subdivision Plat Amendment and ROW Vacations.

The item is a proposal to modify the current public street easement at the end of Parkway Drive and along the west side of Atkinson Park. The current right of way easement is for a full sized public street that could allow vehicle access in the future. The proposed modification will change it from a street right of way to an easement primarily for pedestrians, bikes and utilities. The modification is to better reflect how the easement is being used today and to eliminate the possibility of a future street being constructed from Hideaway Lane/3rd Avenue (by the tennis courts) through to Parkway Drive.

Monday, February 4, 2019 | 4:00pm | Ketchum City Hall
{ Here's what's on the agenda }

Step up to the mic and say your piece. Keep it to three minutes, please.

{ You can comment on this stuff }
  • Hemingway Steam School Plat Amendment and Right of Way Vacations
  • 320 Leadville Building Subdivision
  • Modifications to Development Standards in Light Industrial Zones I, II and III
  • Warfield Exceedance Agreement Modifying In-Lieu Housing Payment

{ No comment on this stuff, though }
  • Approval of Contract Between the City of Ketchum and International Association of Fire Fighters Local 4758
  • Discussion on Residential Development Parking Requirements
  • Modification of Project Impact Fees
Click here to find the complete agenda.
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