June 14, 2018
Issue No. 11

Bring it on! – summer that is. We are launching into summer with the Summer Solstice Soiree at 5.30pm on Thursday, June 21, in Town Square.

The talented Nate Botsford and his band will be performing live. It is ironic that we chose the longest day of the year to celebrate our dark skies – but we will take any excuse for a party, great music and chance to connect in the Square. Please come by if you can – it is free and it will be fun.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be at the 15th Annual Heritage Court Coronation and Reception. It was a chance to honor many of the incredible women who have been an important part of the history and heritage of Blaine County. In their long and inspirational lives, the common thread amongst these women was the sacrifice they gave of themselves and what little they expected in return. To a woman; all are leaders by example and all are foremothers of our special county.

Finally, I have to admit, I am lost in the weeds. No, I literally am. I have had many people come and tell me that we have too many weeds in town and others come and tell me that we should never spray as it is can be harmful to kids and animals. What do you think we should do? I will be discussing this (and other topics) with the Council at the July 2 meeting. As with every issue, we are searching for the right balance and the appropriate solution that best serves our town.

Please send your thoughts on this (or any subject) to

May the solstice bring you a smile.



 JUNE 8 

New Art on Fourth
You may have noticed our new installments of Art on Fourth. We have four new sculptures installed, including work by Molly Larkey, Brock Bartlett, Jacob Novinger, and D’Arcy Bellamy. #artsy
 JUNE 21 

Summer Solstice in Town Square 
We’re celebrating the longest day of the year with a Solstice celebration in Town Square! Grab the fam and head to town for games, food, music by Nate Botsford and a celebration of our Dark Skies (because starting then, the days are only getting shorter!)
 JULY 6, 7 

When Dogs Fly... 
You get big air, why can’t your pup? The DockDogs competition is coming to Ketchum this July. Enter your water-loving furry friend and see how he stacks up to the Nation’s best dock -jumping-dogs.

Jazz in the Park
From 6-8pm at Rotary Park every Sunday starting June 24th, the tunes will be beeping, bopping and everything in between. Bring a picnic and your rhythm to close out the weekends in style.

Check the schedule here!

Ketch'em Alive
The days are long, the nights warm, and the dancing is going down for the price of free. Every Tuesday, 7-9pm in Forest Service Park.

Check the schedule here!
What’s in a name? Join us on July first to honor our friend Terry Tracy at the unveiling of the Atkinson Park Rec building that will don her name.
You know slack is over when all the bus routes are up and running. The new Ketchum Circulator is on track too, so skip the seasonal traffic and catch a ride. You’ll never have to look for parking.
The circulator runs June 23 - September 9
From June through December, City Hall will showcase art in the “For the Love of Dogs” exhibit. The gallery features work from three different artists to remind us how important our four legged pals are in our lives. Speaking of, note that leaving your dog in the car during the summer warrants a $100 parking fee in the City of Ketchum.
Don't forget to check out the new artwork installed at the tennis courts! Healy Thurston's mountain series is officially on display.
Have you seen the new KIC yet? Come on over! RSVP to a tour on June 21st (4-4:30) or 28th (12-12:30) and check out the new space.
 Best of the Valley 

We were honored to be voted Best City, with honors going out to Atkinson Park and Wagon Days Event. Thank you for the love!

 Attention Drivers! 

Please keep yourself and others safe this summer by staying off your cell phone while driving. And when you park, please keep our environment safe by turning off your car.
Penalty for cell phone use while driving is $100
Penalty for idling longer than 3 minutes is $25

 Are you up to date on your Alley Etiquette? 

As we head toward the long, crowded days of summer, please take note of this ordinance:

  • No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle within an alley, except while actively engaged in the expeditious loading and unloading of persons and property, unless otherwise permitted or prohibited by official traffic control devices. In no case shall the stopping, standing or parking for the loading and unloading exceed thirty (30) minutes, unless otherwise permitted or prohibited by official traffic control devices. (Ord. 1179, 2017)
 Summer Water Conservation 
We hope you're planning to spend lots of time outside this season. And since we know just how much you appreciate it out there, we thought we'd remind you of a few quick tips for conserving water in your high desert home:
Adjust your irrigation timing monthly. 
Make sure to use efficient nozzles.
Check your irrigation system for leaks at the start of the watering season. 
Know how much water different types of plants need. Grass uses a lot more water than many other types of plants. If the only time someone steps on the grass is when it is being mowed, view your other options and consider switching out plants this spring. 
And don't forget! All City water customers are required to comply with Water Conservation Ordinance #587. 
Monday, June 18, 2018 at 5:30 pm | Ketchum City Hall 

{ Here's what's on the agenda }

Step up to the mic and say your piece. Keep it to three minutes, please.

{ You can comment on this stuff }
  • Issuance of a Request for Proposal for 6th and Leadville Property
  • Off-Site Vendor Ordinance Amendments
  • Short-Term Rental Amendment
  • Agreements with Warfield Distillery & Brewery
  • Current Budget Amendment

{ No comment on this stuff, though }
  • Staff Direction to Analyze the Allowance of Winter-Time, Long-Term Rentals in the Avalanche District
Click here to find the complete agenda.
We’re sneaking up on Father’s Day! Do you know a dynamo Dad?
Tell us a story of how a father (yours or otherwise) helped you learn something new and positively helped you grow.
Thank you for all of your responses
Each month we'll post a question. One response will be illustrated in the following issue by local artist Molly Snee.
{ We'll even gift you a print of the artwork! }
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