Yoga for both your new year and perennial needs

For your consideration this week

(1) A new Class on Tuesdays at 5:30p

Jane Alexander headshotEvening yogis rejoice!  We have a new 5:30-6:30p Tuesday class starting this week with Jane Alexander. She is a yoga therapist with experience supporting recovery of all kinds, whether from surgery, illness or addiction.  You can learn more about her here.

The class will follow Sarah's Friday format of "Steady and Strong Yoga", with a particular focus on core strength.  This means much more than just ab work!  Jane is especially savvy to the role of the pelvic floor in supporting the rest of the central axis, and her class will be an excellent addition to our biomechanics-savvy weekly offerings.  You can attend in person (it's nice!) or via Zoom.

If you like having evening class options at Grateful, please support this class!

(2) Another Sunday qigong workshop with Lisa (the last one sold out)

Qigong is a Chinese healing art that uses breathing, movement, visualization and focused intention to circulate qi (energy/life force). It helps revitalize the body and supports well-being. This style of qigong features continuous gentle movements, tapping to awaken qi meridian lines, and guided meditative imagery to mirror the way nature flows.

Lisa created the Winter Qigong practice to support you in the coldest, and most 'yin' season of the year.  Traditional Chinese medicine associates Winter with the end of all seasons, the kidneys and urinary bladder, and the element water. It is an auspicious time to embrace being inward and still, nourish the kidneys, and warm the whole energetic body.

The workshop will conclude with a 15-minute sound bath, where participants can luxuriate in vibratory delight as Lisa fills the room with crystal singing bowls, chimes, Native American flute and vocal tones.

This workshop will be held IN PERSON AT THE STUDIO with a ten person maximum.  Studio Covid policies apply: masks for all, one-time proof of vaccination by email or in-person.

Cost: $30, members save 15%

Register here

(3) A Monday night Valentine's celebration of love in all forms with Corinne

Many traditions share the understanding that we are immersed in a vast ocean of Love. Like a diamond with many facets, it shows up in many ways, including experiences of compassion, interconnection, joy, delight, beauty, and sacredness.
You may have glimpsed this in your life through relationship with a friend, partner, child, family, pet or community. The field of Love can be felt in the moment of something inspirational, like a poem, music or theater performance. Or the beauty of a sunrise. All of these are often felt in the heart center and can be further cultivated there.

Please join us for a Valentine's evening in celebration of the many faces of love.  All are welcome, regardless of relationship status.  We will nourish the heart center through breath and movement, leading into a resting yoga nidra practice - poetry included!

Class takes place on Zoom.  A link to the recording will be sent afterwards.

Cost: $30, members save 15%, sliding scale gladly offered

Register here

Coming later in the month

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Learn to teach conscious relaxation yoga nidra with Mia Park. Hybrid/recorded in Chicago, 30 hour CEU, March - April, 2022. Guide anyone into a healing rest of higher consciousness. 0% interest payment plans and early bird pricing.
Our beloved Stacia and her husband Alex have opened their new by-the-slice pizza restaurant on Central St (where Symphony's used to be). We've had to chance to sample their food and it's super delicious.  Stay tuned to their Facebook for daily specials and news.

Studio Notes

Potential Mindbody Bogusness

Due to tech giant turf battles, you may have difficulty buying new classes through the Mindbody app. If this happens, please buy your classes through our website.  You will still be able to book classes through the app, once you purchase them.

Basically, Apple wants to extract a 30% fees on any digital service purchased through an app. Since some of our classes are now "virtual", Apple has decided they count as digital services and are thus subject to this fee.  Mindbody is trying to negotiate a change to this policy, but in the meantime they claim they are ceasing sales of virtual classes through the app. We haven't seen this happen yet, so who knows?

Current Covid Policies

Updated Dec 29, 2021

  • Masks required for all in-person events.
  • Attendance limited to 10 students.
  • One-time proof of vaccination required per City ordinance, either in person or picture emailed to

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Weekly Class Schedule

We are seeking to add more classes in the coming months, especially as the pandemic wave subsides.  If you are interested in teaching at Grateful Yoga, we'd love to discuss it with you.


10-11:30a Yoga Reboot with Sarah W (Studio / Zoom 1)
12-1p Yoga for Bone Health with Becky (Zoom 2, 6 week series)


10-11a Gentle Yoga with Chair with Rhoda (Zoom 1)
12-1p All-Levels Noon Yoga with Abby Factor (Zoom 1)
NEW 5:30-6:30p Steady and Strong with Jane (Studio / Zoom 1)


9:30-10:45a Hatha Yoga and Meditation with Lela (Studio / Zoom 1)
12-1p Yoga for Managing Chronic Pain (Zoom 2, 4 week series)
7-8p Prenatal Yoga with Rose (Studio / Zoom 2)


10-11a Gentle Yoga with Rhoda (Zoom 1)
12-1p Yoga for Lifelong Strength (Zoom 2, 6 week series)
NEW 7-8p Evening Meditation & Movement (Studio / Zoom 1)


9:30-10:45a Yoga with Sarah Westbrook (Studio / Zoom 1)
12-1p All-Levels Noon Yoga with Abby Factor (Zoom 1)


8:30-9:30a Prenatal with Lela (Studio / Zoom 2)
10-11:15a Yoga and Meditation with Lela (Studio / Zoom 1)


8:30-10a Hatha Basics with Stacia (Zoom 1)

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