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Starting this Thursday

Are you interested in starting yoga but intimidated by drop-in classes?

Does Zoom yoga leave you wondering if you’re doing the poses right?

Are you nursing an injury and unsure whether yoga will help or hurt?

This June, join Becky Liston for a thorough 4-week overview of the fundamentals of postural yoga. You will learn the most common poses and the principles behind them, as well as the basics of yogic breathing and relaxation. Becky is a physical therapist as well as a yoga teacher, and she can offer expert advice on how to modify yoga to fit your unique bodily circumstances.

This series will prepare you to step confidently into any of Grateful Yoga’s Gentle or Hatha Basics classes, or Becky’s regular yoga therapy series. In-person at the studio.  Size is limited to 10 students to allow individuated instruction

Cost: 4 weeks for $80, members save 15%, sliding scale gladly offered

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Coming soon

In January we began exploring the 5 Essential Movements as a way of embodying the natural cycles of life and all that is in continual change and regeneration. In this upcoming workshop, we come back to where we began with the movement of "yielding".
This movement is not one of collapse, but one of a more dynamic resting. It is a time to go inward, allowing for integration of what has been, and openness to whatever might be next. It is a place of relaxation that is thriving and alive. As we come upon the summer solstice, it is a perfect time to step back from all of the "doing" of the past years, and take time to rest fully in "being", and soak in the sun!

In this workshop, we will highlight the experiences of resting, relaxing, yielding and going inward. Through yoga postures, we will explore yielding in both movement and stillness. Then yoga nidra (meditative relaxation) offers an even deeper rest, connecting us back into our deepest, truest selves as part of something greater and more universal.

All are welcome, whether or not you have participated in a past workshop. Please join us as together we relax in the magnificence of summertime!

Held in Zoom Studio 1. Each workshop will be recorded. The recording will be available for two weeks after each workshop. You can email us to purchase the recording of a past workshop.

Cost: $30, members save 15%, sliding scale gladly offered

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Qigong is a Chinese healing art that uses breathing, movement, visualization and focused intention to circulate qi (energy/life force). It helps revitalize the body and supports well-being. This style of qigong features continuous gentle movements, tapping to awaken qi meridian lines, and guided meditative imagery to mirror the way nature flows.

Lisa created the Summer Qigong practice to bring a joyful & nourishing flow during the most yang season of the year. Traditional Chinese medicine associates Summer with element Fire; stoking love and joy that is embodied in functions of the heart & small intestine.

It is an auspicious time to focus on movement and play; express our yang qi to the fullest, and support our expansion and transformation.

The workshop will conclude with a 15-minute sound bath, where participants can luxuriate in vibratory delight as Lisa fills the room with crystal singing bowls, chimes, Native American flute and vocal tones. 

This workshop is held in the studio.

Cost: $30, members save 15%

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New evening in-studio option starts June 30
(still Zoom only June 16 and 23)
What can we learn from the experience of summer heat?  Rather than try to escape the heat, join Nick tomorrow morning at 8:30a in the shade of Harbert Forest for a mindful exploration of warm weather and its effect on the forest.  Light movement, walking, sitting, contemplation.   Full details here or read Nick's latest essay about this work.

This class meets at Harbert-Payne park in Evanston, on the east side of the canal, between Dempster and Main. We will meet at the picnic table at the intersection of McDaniel and Nathaniel Place. See the exact spot by following this link:

The workshop will take place if it is raining, but not if there is lightning.  Please try to register at least one day beforehand, to ensure you will be notified of last-minute changes.

Cost: Normal class rates

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Guest teachers while Beems go abroad

Nick and Lela are heading across the pond to meet Nick's new nephew in Oxford, England, as well as brush up their Spanish in southern Spain. They will be away June 21-July 11, and most of their classes will have guest teachers during that time.  A few will will be cancelled.

Please come take advantage of the unique talents and perspectives of our generous subs!  All classes are in studio and Zoom, except as noted.

Wed, June 22
10a Yoga and Meditation with Eliza Hofman

Sat, June 25 
8:30a Prenatal MELT Massage with Lori Smith (in studio only)
10a MELT Method: Mindful Myofascial Massage with Lori Smith (in studio + virtual)
12:15p Hatha Basics cancelled

Monday, June 27
10a Yoga and Meditation with Eliza Hofman

Wed, June 29
9:30a Yoga and Meditation with Eliza Hofman

Sat, July 2
8:30a Prenatal cancelled
10a Yoga and Meditation with Sarah Westbrook
12:15p Hatha Basics with Margie Newman

Monday, July 4
closed for the holiday

Wed, July 6
9:30a Yoga and Meditation with Eliza Hofman

Sat, July 9
8:30a Prenatal MELT Massage with Lori Smith (in studio only)
10a MELT Method: Mindful Myofascial Massage with Lori Smith (in studio + virtual)
12:15p Hatha Basics with Margie Newman

Monday, June 11
10a Yoga and Meditation with Eliza Hofman

Coming in July

Rose Campbell is teaching 2 outdoor yoga classes in Fountain Square as part of the Get Fit Friday promotion. 
  • July 1, 8-9am
  • July 15, 8-9am
Each class is just $5; register here.

Studio Notes

Tuesday night on hiatus

After a good 4 month trial, we have not seen much regular attendance in this class.  Given the onset of summer travel and changing schedules, we have decided to put this class on hiatus for now.  We'll try to establish an evening class again in the fall - hopefully when we all feel more free to get together in person!

Adios Sal the chatbot

Well, we gave it a try, but it seems Sal the Chatbot was not the right fit for Grateful Yoga.  The functionality was too variable, and none of you seemed keen on using text messaging to reserve classes.  The service is a bit expensive, so we're letting it go starting May 23.  Thanks for participating in the experiment!  Maybe one day the AI will be good enough to try again.

Reserve in advance... or class might be canceled

With the aim of respecting our teachers' time as well as continue to be able to offer virtual streaming classes, we have a request:
  1. If you want to attend a hybrid class virtually, please sign up at least 1 hour in advance.  If no one is signed in for virtual attendance before class starts, we will not go to the additional trouble of setting up the laptop.
  2. If no one is signed up for any type of class 1 hour before it starts, we reserve the right to cancel the class or hold it exclusively on Zoom.  We want to respect the time it takes teachers to prepare for class. If you make a mistake and forget to sign up and the class turns out to be canceled, email us and we will send you a recording of a previous class.
  3. If you're signed up to receive a recording of a class but you're the only person registered, we won't require the teacher to teach a brand new class. Instead, we will email you and offer you a recording from a previous week

Weekly Class Schedule

We are planning to keep adding to our in-studio schedule as interest builds. Please let us know what you are looking for!


10-11:15a Hatha Yoga & Meditation with Nick (Studio / Zoom 1)
12-1p Yoga for Lifelong Strength with Becky
(Zoom 2 or Becky's private studio, 6 week series)


9:30-10:45 Yoga Reboot with Sarah (Studio/Zoom 2)
10-11a Gentle Yoga with Chair with Rhoda (Zoom 1)


9:30-10:45a Hatha Yoga and Meditation with Lela (Studio / Zoom 1)
7-8p Prenatal Yoga with Rose (Studio / Zoom 2)


8:30-9:45a Mindful Outdoor Experience with Nick
(local parklands, see schedule for details)
10-11a Gentle Yoga with Rhoda (Zoom 1)
7-8p Evening Meditation & Movement (Zoom 1)


9:30-10:45a Yoga with Sarah Westbrook (Studio / Zoom 1)
12-1p All-Levels Noon Yoga with Abby Factor (Zoom 1)


8:30-9:30a Prenatal with Lela (Studio / Zoom 2)
10-11:15a Yoga and Meditation with Lela (Studio / Zoom 1)
12:15-1:30p Hatha Basics with Nick (Studio / Zoom 1)


8:30-10a Hatha Basics with Stacia (Zoom 1)
NEW 9-10a Mindful Vinyasa with Eliza (Studio only)
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