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February 2016

A word from Maria

The power of possibility

I am writing this post on the heels of the IABC Leadership Institute (IABC LI) in Long Beach, a yearly event that brought together IABC’s International Executive Board, key staff and close to 200 current and future chapter presidents to exchange during three days of internal meetings, panels and workshops.

During the much-anticipated 2016 edition of the IABC Chapter Management Awards, IABC/Montréal proudly received two distinctions of merit for professional development and student activities conducted between June 2014 and November 2015. This is the third consecutive year when our chapter has been recognized internationally for the work conducted in Montréal by a talented group of volunteers.

IABC LI is very much akin to an exercise in internal communication, which has inspired not only the theme of this issue but also a new project that we hope will bring us closer to the internal communicators in our city.  So, without further ado, discover IC Kollectif , review mint IC research, and - last but not least – get ready to reactivate your knowledge of (internal) chemistry. And if you want to know more about what happened at IABC LI, check out the eponymous Twitter hashtag. Well worth your time.

I returned to Montreal reenergized, inspired by the projects under way within the IABC network, abuzz with fresh ideas and ready to share my new international connections with our Board. 

I’m also ready to share them with you. 

Maria Constantinescu
President, IABC/Montréal | @miarmc
P.S.: A special shout-out to Lise Michaud, who developed the content of this internal comms edition of “You & IABC/Montréal”.

Find | Share | Inspire
by Lise Michaud, internal communication specialist

IC Kollectif: A new space dedicated to internal communication

As communication professionals, we are called on to be creative, innovative and keenly aware of the constant evolution of our practice. The sources we generally turn to may be varied, but they are also elusive: we must know not only what to search for but also where to find them. This is how IC Kollectif—a project spearheaded by Lise Michaud, internal communication (IC) specialist, in partnership with IABC/Montréal—was born: from a desire to simplify the search process.

Currently in its early stages, IC Kollectif aspires to create a space that brings together as many sources of IC content as possible, to make it more accessible. Our ambition: bridge the gap between information and communicators, and encourage the sharing of anything that could enhance our practice: advice, best practices, knowledge, and trends.

The project will be hosted on the future IABC/Montréal website and will allow access to an exhaustive list of IC sources that will include professional associations, organizations, agencies and subject matter experts. What do you hope to find there? Help us create a space that meets your needs by emailing or Also follow us on Twitter @IC_Kollectif.
Research report

Gatehouse's 2016 survey on internal communication
Only 27% of internal communicators think that employees have a good understanding of why senior leaders make the decisions they do. This is one of the many findings of the 2016 State of the Sector survey, a report on internal communication and employee engagement. 372 professionals from 70 countries, including Canada, participated in the study.
This comprehensive eighth edition examines IC processes and practices, including the impact of emerging technologies such as enterprise social networks, and presents extremely interesting data on the following angles:
· Role and purpose of the IC function and communicators’ priorities
· Degree of maturity of the function
· Leader and line manager communication
· Most/least effective channels
· Feedback and measurement
· Budget and resources
· Current and future challenges
Sweeten your skills

Add your element to the Internal Communication periodic table
Over the last few weeks, you may have gotten wind of the Periodic Table of Internal Communications, particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn. Created by Chuck Gose, host of the podcast ICology, and by the agency Alive, this table is intended to present the essential building blocks of IC in a unique tool. It also aims to help jump start debates and spark ideas during the various steps of the communication planning process.

To perfect it, the table’s creators are counting on the contribution of as many communication professionals as possible, around the world. To participate in this collaborative project, click here. Share your comments and suggestions along with the elements you think should be added. Bonus content: a French summary of the table's components by Madmagz Com’In.
IABC around the world

Our trip around the IABC world brings us to London to meet Stephen Welch, Past President of IABC/UK. He is a regular contributor to Communication World magazine, where he published a series of articles on how to maximize impact with senior leaders. As a strategic internal communications ambassador, Stephen emphasizes that when interacting with senior leadership, this function needs to distance itself from a role of information disseminator to embrace that of brand consultant.

Check out his LinkedIn Pulse, where he explains how such an approach helps leaders improve their communication and spice up their business narratives, which in turn favours employee engagement and business results.

Stephen Welch (@stephenwelch11) is a communication, human resource and organizational change consultant with companies in North America and Europe.

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