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January 2017


A word from Maria

The Best Year Yet

We’re already on the other side of 2017: batteries fully charged, new fitness apps diligently uploaded and 2017 resolutions still fresh on our minds. We’re ready to take the world by storm.

As time is getting shorter and our to-do lists are getting longer, IABC/Montreal gives you a leg up on the competition. We curated the most interesting 2017 business and communication trends for your reading pleasure. 

To these, I’ll add the three priorities at the top of my personal “watch out for” list. Here they are, in reverse order:

3. Bend, stretch, bend, stretch. Again and faster. Never before have organizations undertaken so much change at such a fast pace. Whether it’s new leadership, mergers and acquisitions, new-technology adoption or business repositioning in response to fierce competition, change is coming to us from all directions and change cycles are getting shorter. What is a business communicator to do? While there is no magic bullet in sight, we may want to try leaving our comfort zone to forge new relationships well beyond our industry and listen intently for business irritants that were soothed with unconventional communication solutions. We can then get back to our tribe, share what we learned and find out how our peers deal with fast change.

2. When the wheels are spinning too fast, technology is your best friend. And I don’t just mean coding, productivity apps and data. I’m talking about keeping an eye out on emerging technology firms and how they communicate with clients and stakeholders. If you’re looking for a new tone of voice, some snappier digital vocabulary or a fresher look-and-feel, chances are this is where you’ll find it. In unrelated news, 2017 is the year I learn to code.

1. And in pole position: a brand is what a business does, reputation is what people remember. We’ll remember 2016 as the year of fake news, Brexit, Trump and startlingly-uncomfortable revelations. In 2017 organizations and professionals alike will have a lot of catching up to do. I believe we’ll see brand and reputation management soar to new heights. Reputation thinking in particular will increasingly guide the decision-making process.

I’ll also share something I’ll do less of in 2017 – and it’s social media. This Canadian Business article makes a bold and compelling case for dialling down your social presence. In my case, this should free up just enough time to start coding.

2017 is here. And it will be awesome.

Maria Constantinescu
President, IABC/Montréal │ @miarmc
P.S.:  Warm IABC/Montréal thanks to our translation partner Rossion, whose work allows us to continue to be the largest and only fully bilingual chapter in the IABC network.
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Paul Barton is also the author of Maximizing Internal Communication. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
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