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BRAND LEARNING Bulletin: 12th July 2010
Exploring Key Capability Challenges with Industry Leaders
Radar Clients
In last month’s Bulletin, we referred to BRAND LEARNING’s in-depth research recently conducted amongst 25 leading CMOs, HR Directors & CFOs. In exploring how these senior leaders seek to create tangible business change and demonstrate the value of Marketing to the business, they identified a number of key challenges for Marketing Capability Development:
  • How to link the marketing capability strategy with the business vision and strategy – too often marketing capability plans only focus on skills and processes and do not reflect a holistic view of capability i.e. addressing organisation, culture and people drivers
  • How to create business alignment around shared growth drivers – without a common language, drivers are not leveraged cross-functionally or globally
  • How to make the right investment decisions – there is often an absence of tangible measures of impact and success that can create shared ownership
  • How to demonstrate the link of capability to business results – capability programmes are not routinely measured, driven by a lack of clarity on how best do this and a scarcity of appropriate and affordable methodologies
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Launch - BRAND LEARNING Radar™
We are delighted to announce the launch of BRAND LEARNING Radar™, a pioneering marketing capability assessment, tracking and benchmarking tool. This month’s "Food for Thought" provides a more detailed review of the challenges that BRAND LEARNING Radar™ seeks to address and how it can support business and marketing leaders in their drive towards marketing excellence and business growth.
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Food for Thought: Is Marketing Capability Assessment on your Radar?
BRAND LEARNING Radar (TM)Despite significant investment in marketing capability development, few companies have access to a fast, reliable, robust and cost-effective means of assessing, benchmarking and tracking marketing capabilities. In this article Hilary Rickard, Marketing Capability Development Director at BRAND LEARNING shares the challenges.

Dr Richard Cuthbertson, Research Director, Oxford Institute of Retail Management at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford described the BRAND LEARNING Radar™ as “an excellent new approach designed for the task of making marketing a more effective driver of commercial performance and growth. In particular, the distillation of organizational marketing capabilities and highlighting that these depend heavily upon strategic clarity and team engagement, as well as the usual functional capabilities, is to be commended.”The Oxford Institute of Retail Management

Click here to read the full paper.

Contact us to find out more about BRAND LEARNING Radar™
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BRAND LEARNING Book of the Month
The Benchmarking BookThis month, Linda Miller (Marketing Capability Director at BRAND LEARNING) reviews 'The Benchmarking Book: A How-to-Guide to Best Practice for Managers and Practitioners' by Tim Stapenhurst, Elsevier 2009.

Benchmarking is critically important, particularly in today’s challenging environment. But while the term 'benchmarking' is understood by most of us at a general level, how many of us really understand in more precise terms what it is, what (as importantly) it isn't and how to go about it well? Tim Stapenhurst’s ‘The Benchmarking Book’ is a well constructed, thorough ‘how-to’ guide which provides highly practical definitions, concepts and examples. It’s a good ‘skim read’ if you want to familiarize yourself with the basics quickly and an invaluable bible if you are serious about better understanding benchmarking.
Click here to purchase from Click here to purchase the BRAND LEARNING Book of the Month
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Marketing magazine teams up with BRAND LEARNING Academy™ to offer integrated skills workshops for marketers
BRAND LEARNING Academy in association with Marketing MagazineWe are delighted to announce that BRAND LEARNING has launched a new initiative in association with Marketing magazine: to offer our series of Academy workshops to help marketers develop and apply their practical knowledge in core skill areas. This integrated programme of one day workshops includes 'Inspiring Insights', 'Building Brands', 'Winning Innovations', 'Strategic Planning', 'Activity Planning' and 'Integrated Communications' and is designed to maximise effective learning and enable immediate application back at work.

Ivor Falvey, Group Commercial Director at Haymarket Brand Media says, "In our industry, there is a constant need for agencies and marketers to be better equipped and to know more. Haymarket is delighted to partner with BRAND LEARNING to help fulfil some of that need."

There are limited places available on each module, which will kick off with 'Inspiring Insights' on September 22nd. If you're interested in this unique opportunity, please contact Celia.Miranda@haymarket.com or click here to see the brochure. For more information about the BRAND LEARNING Academy™, click here to go to the Academy website.
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Equipping the Marketing Leaders of today and tomorrow
To support the development of Marketing Leadership skills, BRAND LEARNING is partnering in two key leadership programmes: the Marketing Leaders Programme, in association with the Marketing Society, and is now the Marketing Excellence Faculty Partner for the Marketing Academy Scolarship, part of the Marketing Hall of Legends.

Marketing Leaders Programme
Marketing Leaders ProgrammeThe Marketing Leaders Programme 2010 brought together 18 aspiring Marketing Leaders from companies such as Unilever, Tesco, Aviva and Shell. Delegate highlights included:
  • Meeting 17 inspiring marketing leaders including Roisin Donnelly (Corporate Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble), Kerris Bright (ex-CMO AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, now BA Global Marketing Director) and Keith Weed (Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever)
  • Building a support network of peers across industry sectors
  • Getting inspiration and clarity on personal marketing leadership into the future
The 2011 programme launches in October – but in the meantime click here to find out more and register your interest for next year's programme at MarketingLeaders@brandlearning.com.

Marketing Hall of Legends
The Marketing AcademyFollowing the highly successful inaugural Boot Camp in May, BRAND LEARNING kicked off its support by launching two BRAND LEARNING Academy™ modules (Building Brands and Strategic Planning) to run for the 28 Scholars in 2010. The broader Marketing Academy Scholarship programme is also gaining rapid momentum and includes the launch of The Merlin Lectures. Inspired by the generosity of individuals and organisations who want to share learning opportunities with the Scholars, The Merlin Lectures have been created as open learning events for all Marketing Scholarship Nominees, Mentors, Coaches and Faculty Partners. Places are limited but if you would like to attend any of these events please contact Leonora@marketinghalloflegends.co.uk.
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RSA wins "The Training Award" at The British Insurance Awards 2010 for work with BRAND LEARNING to develop outstanding Marketing Academy

We are proud to announce that RSA, together with BRAND LEARNING, has won "The Training Award" at The British Insurance Awards 2010. RSA’s Marketing Academy is a world-class capability development programme designed to build the skills and capabilities of managers within marketing on a global scale.
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BRAND LEARNING welcomes Two New Members to the Team
New Joiners July 2010We continue to invest in high calibre marketing talent. This month, we are delighted to welcome new associate directors Mark Bullock (ex Akzo Nobel) and Caroline Child (ex John Lewis) to our team.
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Contact Us
If you would like practical support with building marketing capabilities in your organisation or with the development of effective marketing processes, tools and techniques or have a specific solution you need to deliver in a defined timescale please get in touch.
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