Tudor Dixon's Father Passes Away

GRAND HAVEN, MI - Today, Tudor Dixon's father, Vaughn Makary, passed away after battling pancreatic cancer for over two years. Makary died Wednesday in Florida.

Dixon shared this message about him in the Father's Day edition of her campaign newsletter:

Father's Day is a time to honor and remember the men who mean so much to us. Today we pay tribute to the dads who lead our families, build strong careers, and somehow find a way to cheer us on like we are all that matters in the world. Dads are the backbone, they are the strength, and they are the love that gets us through life.
My father has been my rock. He has always inspired me to push myself a little harder. He knew my heart better than anyone because I am a part of him. He taught me to be grounded in faith, dedicated to family, and determined in business. 
My father asked me to join him in the steel casting industry 20 years ago this month. I had no idea what that world would be for me. It was, as my father would say, not for the meek and mild. Tough guys, building tough products with tough demeanors and oftentimes not a lot of interest in dealing with a young woman. It was a proving ground for me in business and life. I worked long hours, spent most days on the shop floor, and learned every aspect of making steel castings and managing a business. When people pushed back on me it was my father who taught me to keep my seat at the table. He made me realize that I could prove myself in a hard business or take myself out of the game and fail. Either way, my father wasn’t coming to my rescue, I had to sink or swim on my own. 
It was my father’s tough lessons and unwavering love that led me to run for Governor. An audacious decision that could only be made by a person whose parents provided the ultimate love and support throughout life. My father was the first person to tell me to go for it without hesitation.
This year is a little different for my dad and me. It is time for me to inspire, support, and encourage my parents in a fight that is bigger than anything we’ve faced as a family. This year, my dad is sick and these days it can be too hard for him to cheer me on with the same gusto of years past. Yet, I know he is cheering in his heart harder than ever before. Happy Fathers Day Daddy! You are my inspiration. Let’s keep fighting together.
To all the other Daddies out there, keep inspiring, and keep cheering the little ones in your life. Someday they will make an audacious decision because you helped them to believe in themselves. Dads are the foundation and great dads will lead you to places even they couldn’t imagine you going. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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