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September 23, 2021
Tudor Dixon Releases Five-Point Economic Policy Vision to Kickstart Michigan's Comeback

Grand Rapids, MI - In advance of attending the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, Tudor Dixon today released a five-point policy outline to kickstart Michigan's comeback and get our economy back on top.

"Under Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan's economic recovery after COVID is slow and our state is one of the top-10 worst states for taxes on our middle-class.  Over the last year, we've lost businesses we'll never get back and lost jobs right along with them.

"Our state is on the brink of losing thousands of automotive jobs, farmers are finding it easier to expand out of state rather than in and our hospitality industry is crashing. While Gretchen Whitmer touts electric vehicle-friendly roads, other states are luring the automotive industry away from Michigan right under her nose. We must keep our automotive factories in Michigan but, Whitmer’s current economic environment will drive those jobs and more out of the state.

"Our tourism industry will take years to get back to where it was.  The truth is, our state can't sustain all of these economic pressures.  We have got to turn things around.  That's why today we are releasing our economic vision for Michigan.  Together, we can restore Michigan's economic might.  But that means getting back to basics.  We will:
  • Invest in our workers;
  • Empower our entrepreneurs;
  • Engage our job creators;
  • Grow our middle class; and
  • Make our communities safe."
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Meet Tudor
Tudor Dixon is a wife, mother of four, cancer survivor, and former small business owner.  The daughter of a steel industry worker, Tudor grew up around factories her entire life and spent a decade working in steel manufacturing herself.

Tudor began her professional career in Chicago with an industry-leading public relations and marketing firm after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in psychology.  Her father recruited her to the steel industry after investing in a foundry in Michigan in the early 2000s.  She spent nearly a decade in manufacturing, first with her father's foundry and later with another company.  Starting in customer service, Tudor worked her way up in the steel industry before returning to her roots in public relations and building a successful media career in Michigan, where she is raising her family.
Tudor Dixon's Vision to Restore Michigan's Economic Might
Invest In Our Workers
Michigan was once known for exporting the greatest manufactured products in the world, now we are known for exporting our children and their futures to states like Florida and Texas. Our children deserve a future and opportunity here in our great state, but it means investing in the workforce of today and better prepare the workforce of tomorrow.
Economic competitiveness relies on a strong workforce, and the stronger it is, the more we can expand and diversify Michigan's job market. We must reverse the stigma we've created around skilled trades, especially in Michigan's critical manufacturing sector. Michigan has tens of thousands of good-paying skills-based jobs available today that many students don't even know to exist. We must expose our students to the realities of the modern economy and prepare them with the skills necessary to take advantage of it. Many of our students aren't exposed to the vast career choices Michigan offers and do not see a future for themselves here. We must aggressively work to change that. Acknowledging that pursuit of a 4-year university degree isn’t for everyone – and that a career in a trade is a good way to build a career that can sustain a future – is a way to build back Michigan’s manufacturing base.
We will work with our businesses and school systems to upscale workforce training programs focused on developing workers in high-demand skills and trades that are poised for growth and pay good wages. We will also engage with the private sector to create new apprenticeship opportunities for workers to learn on the job and develop hands-on experience during their education and training.  
Empower Our Entrepreneurs 
We will remove overly burdensome or unnecessary regulations that create barriers to entry for entrepreneurs, stifle innovation, or restrict growth in the economy. We will weigh regulatory reforms with considerations for public health, safety, and wellness, but in doing so we will recognize individuals and private businesses are best positioned to solve problems, not the government. That’s why we will favor a limited government approach that allows people and make decisions based on their interests and the interests of their customers.
The average barber in Michigan makes over $15 an hour. Still, to become a licensed barber, a Michigander must forego wages for 45 workweeks to complete the 1,800 hours of required coursework plus spend over $10,000 on tuition and fees. There is no good reason for this type of government restriction. It’s well past time to review unnecessary and burdensome barriers to entry that are embedded in overly restrictive or complex state licensing schemes.  
An overly burdensome state licensing process prevents entrepreneurs from chasing their dreams or ideas, and it denies good-paying jobs to those who want to work and provide for their families. We will give entrepreneurs a voice in state government and work with our agencies and the legislature to identify and execute reforms. Our goal will be simple: unleash our workforce and innovation through regulatory reductions and streamlining.
Engage Our Job Creators
Michigan must return to prioritizing job creators. Private enterprise and the opportunities they provide to a state’s workforce are the backbone of a strong economy and a strong job market.
We consistently hear from job creators that they want to grow, expand, and create more jobs for Michiganders. But they are often being held back by complex government restrictions or overly intrusive bureaucratic requirements. Further, the whimsical abuse of government power that we've seen from our current executive branch makes it impossible for job creators to calculate five and ten-year business plans that are common and necessary for any business to grow and expand effectively. That’s because Gretchen Whitmer doesn’t understand how business works and how an economy runs. We will not stand for big-government abuse of our companies and workers.
An inconsistent, lurching, and overly intrusive state government like we have today stifles job creation, taking options away from hardworking Michiganders and restricting the overall growth of our economy. We will empower our job creators and foster a regulatory environment that allows for effective business planning, steady economic growth, and a robust competitive job market.
Grow Our Middle Class
We are going to focus on making Michigan’s quality of living among the best in the country, especially for our working-class families.  That means improving our schools, lowering taxes, and improving the quality of our government services.  It also means pushing power down to individuals locally instead of relying on bloated, top-down bureaucracy.
We want to empower parents, workers, and families with world-class educational options, job options, and living options. We want to increase economic mobility for every Michigander and will focus on policies that promote and protect freedom of choice, reward hard work, encourage local investment, and demonstrate positive results.
We want Michigan to be the best state in which middle-class families can live, work, raise their families, and retire. We will oppose tax increases and pursue broad-based tax cuts.  We will put parents in the driver's seat for their children’s education. We will prioritize local projects for infrastructure and roadbuilding.  And we will always gear our policies towards maximizing individual freedom and minimizing government overreach into our lives and bank accounts.
Protect Our Communities
We will emphasize public safety and focus on rapidly reducing severe and violent crime. By ensuring safe communities, Michigan's homegrown businesses will expand more readily, and out-of-state companies will feel more confident in relocating to Michigan.
A core responsibility of government is ensuring law and order and protecting people from crime and criminals. Most Michiganders are just trying to work hard and earn a good living. Michigan families deserve safe, affordable neighborhoods to live in, and our job market will be more robust and more competitive if we have safe communities for businesses to operate in. We know that the best crime deterrent is a good job so building thriving businesses helps law enforcement keep neighborhoods safe.
We will unequivocally support law enforcement as they work to reduce crime, and we will engage them to identify ways for the state government to support their core mission more effectively. We will also work to forge stronger partnerships between economic, law enforcement, and community leaders and work together to clean up our neighborhoods.
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