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Community Health Nurses across Alberta have told us that there is a need now more than ever to connect with one another. This month, we are pleased to offer you the second CHN Connections - a unique way to virtually share your experiences and connect with other CHNAlberta members. As part of your 2010 CHNAlberta membership, here is the May 2010 CHN Connections - GIRL EFFECT. There is no time limit/due date and the activities are now open.

Get ready to Link, Think, Share, Act around some of the most important issues facing CHNs today whether we're in public or home health. To find out more about how CHN Connections works and view the Feb 2010 CHN Connections - DOMESTIC VIOLENCE visit

The purpose of the following 2-minute video produced in 2008 by the international humanitarian organization CARE is to highlight the powerful social and economic change that can evolve when girls have the opportunity to fully participate in their society. According to the Girl Effect website, the belief is that adolescent girls are uniquely positioned to improve the standard of living in the developing world, but are often invisible in their communities and society and to our media.
CLICK HERE to view the GIRL EFFECT Online Video

For many of you, the online video clip may have brought up strong feelings and thoughts. Here are some questions to help you think through this issue:

  1. When I viewed this video clip, I felt__________________.
  2. Where do these feelings come from (e.g. personal/professional experiences, conversations with friends, conversations with colleagues, my nursing education, my work setting, other)?
  3. What do you and/or your CHN practice have in common with the ideas presented in this video clip?
  4. If you could help support this situation, what do you think you could do? 
Please consider sharing some, part or all of your responses through the link below. By sharing, you'll add your voice to the responses of other CHNs from across Alberta.
CLICK HERE to share your responses to the video
CLICK HERE to see how other CHNs responded 

Here are some ideas on ways that you can take action as a CHN on this issue.
Check back later at to see how the responses have grown and other updates.

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Future CHN Connections
2010 CHNAlberta members will receive a new CHN Connections about 4 times a year. We welcome your reactions, feedback, suggestions, and ideas for future topics. 
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