Five more school chiefs join educators from around the country in endorsing NCTQ's work reviewing the nation's teacher preparation programs.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012                                    
State education officials join educators from across the country in endorsing NCTQ’s review of 1,150 teacher preparation programs
In Early 2013, the National Council on Teacher Quality Will Evaluate the Quality of the Nation’s Teacher Preparation Programs
  With the latest additions, NCTQ's review has now received endorsements from:
  • 16 current and former state chiefs, including every member of the Chiefs for Change coalition
  • Over 100 district superintendents, from many of the largest school districts in the country, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Fort Worth, and Kansas City
  • Over 20 state and national education advocacy organizations, including 50CAN, Democrats for Education Reform, the Wisconsin Reading Coalition, and the International Dyslexia Association
Washington, D.C. – Today, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), a nonpartisan research and advocacy group, announced a new round of endorsements of its national review of teacher preparation programs. The additions are five state chiefs of education: Mitchell Chester, Massachusetts Commissioner of Education; James Guthrie, the newly appointed Nevada Superintendent of Public InstructionThomas LunaIdaho Superintendent of Public Instruction and President of the Council of Chief State School OfficersGerard Robinson, Florida Commissioner of EducationJohn White, Louisiana State Superintendent. They join eleven other state chiefs, both current and former, who have already endorsed the review that will be published by U.S. News & World Report in early 2013. All of the members of the Chiefs for Change coalition have endorsed the review, as have all the district superintendents who are members of the Council of the Great City Schools.

“Except for parents, no one is more important to children’s futures than their teachers,” said Kate Walsh, president of NCTQ. “We need to make sure that teachers get the training they need to step into the classroom on day one. We are pleased to have the support of so many in the education community. Together we can improve teacher preparation in America, which is exactly what teachers deserve and students need.”

For the first time ever, rigorous and measurable standards for teacher training coursework and student teaching experiences will be applied to the colleges and universities that annually graduate more than 99 percent of the nation’s new, traditionally-trained teachers. NCTQ’s review will highlight programs doing well at preparing teachers, serve as a guide for programs seeking to improve, and provide actionable information to district leaders in hiring and prospective teachers choosing where to go for training. Developed in collaboration with a technical panel of esteemed educators and vetted through ten pilot studies conducted over eight years, the review’s standards address four critical areas: 1) selectivity of candidates, 2) content knowledge, 3) practical experience, and 4) program outcomes.


Florida Commissioner, Gerard Robinson, commenting on his decision stated, “Strong teacher training protects and strengthens the health of the teaching profession. The kind of information NCTQ will be providing through their review can be of enormous import to schools of education as they advance their programs. I am happy to support their work.”

Louisiana Superintendent, John White stated, “As an educator trying to make smart decisions to better serve the students of Louisiana, I am excited about the work NCTQ is doing in the area of teacher prep. NCTQ has experience providing policymakers and educators with the kind of information the field sorely needs--and this analysis of ed schools is sorely needed.”

Massachusetts Commissioner, Mitchell Chester commented, “I expect that the NCTQ review of Massachusetts’ preparation institutions will help us identify effective programs and practices, and will serve as a catalyst for program self-examination.”

Idaho Superintendent, Tom Luna stated, “It's imperative that we empower aspiring teachers with the information to make smart choices about where to get their training, and district leaders with a way to recruit and filter applicants. NCTQ's work is invaluable to pushing the market of teacher prep towards excellence.”

Nevada Superintendent, Jim Guthrie commented, “NCTQ is absolutely right to shed light on the field of teacher prep. We need transparency, accountability, and role models. NCTQ's review will provide all of that.”

For more information on the review, and a complete list of endorsers, visit

The National Council on Teacher Quality is a non-profit organization comprising reform-minded Democrats, Republicans, and Independents entirely funded by private funds. The organization supports reforms in a broad range of teacher policies and seeks to lend transparency and accountability to the institutions that have the greatest impact on teacher quality: state governments, institutions which prepare teachers, school districts, and teachers unions.
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