June 29, 2011

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The Biggest Barrier to Teleworking: The Boss
By Tilde Herrera

Telework still isn't taking off in any major way, according to a new study of the remote workforce -- and management resistance is the No. 1 obstacle....Read More

Google Says Energy Innovation Will Pay Off -- but When?
By Marc Gunther

A study recently finished by enterprising Googlers found that investing in clean energy could offer big benefits to GDP, jobs, energy security, reducing carbon emissions and personal savings. But will it be enough to avert global warming?...Read More

What's Behind the Big Sustainability Push at Unilever
By Adele Peters

The VP of sustainability at the consumer-goods giant talks about the power of collaboration, the difficulty of changing individuals' behavior, and why Americans in the shower is one of the biggest environmental hurdles Unilever faces....Read More

Free Webcast: Why Reducing Waste is a
No Brainer for Higher Ed

How do universities graduate to zero waste? Join John Davies, Senior Analyst at GreenBiz Group, in conversation with Paul Pistono, Vice President, Public Sector Solutions of Waste Management; David DeHart, Associate Director, Environmental Services of Rutgers; and Carrie Kashar, Assistant Director, Office of Sustainability of Florida International University on July 19. You will learn how Waste Management has partnered with these and other schools to institutionalize environmentally sustainable practices into their operations. Register Now!

Also in the News

GM Breaks from Automaker Pack to Meet 56.2 MPG Challenge
By Roland Hwang

The company is the only first to yet step up and say it will strive to achieve the high fuel efficiency standards President Obama has proposed for 2025....Read More

First Take: BPA Strikes Again, Has VW Turned to the Dark Side?
By Tilde Herrera

The latest BPA study finds it causes male deer mice to act like females; Greenpeace accuses VW of turning to the Dark Side because of its environmental and lobbying record; and GM pledges to find a way to achieve 56.2 mpg....Read More

Turn Energy into a Competitive and Profitable Advantage

This complimentary whitepaper, The Energy Elephant in the Boardroom: How to Increase Efficiency and Create Value, looks at the huge opportunity which exists for catalyzing a new wave of business transformation by optimizing energy use to drive cost savings, risk mitigation and shareholder value. Click here to download the whitepaper.

GreenBiz on IT

Three ICT Roadblocks in Realizing Smarter Buildings' Potential
By Christopher Mines

As intelligently managed buildings weave information technology into facility management, there are several bumps in the road ahead as facilities teams begin working hand-in-glove with IT departments....Read More

IBM's Lighting, Data Center Projects Reap $50M in Energy Savings
By Jonathan Bardelline

IBM has saved $50 million in the past two years through thousands of energy and efficiency projects around the world....Read More

3 Tips for Avoiding the Perils of Dirty, Messy Data
By Leslie Guevarra

Too much data can be just as bad too little. And if it's dirty, messy or disorganized, it's of no use to anyone. Three experts offer advice on how to ensure your company secures good data and turns it into smart systems for business sustainability....Read More


An Introduction to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Space and power limitations in data centers, along with increased complexity, have led to a new category of management tools with integrated processes - DCIM. This white paper looks at how DCIM products can help simplify operations, automate asset management, optimize use of resources, reduce costs and more. Click here for a free copy.

White Papers

  • An Introduction to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Everything you need to know about Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • The Biggest Opportunity for Data Center Energy Savings
  • Cable Management Solutions for Rack Systems
  • Wireless Enclosure Design and Installation Guide
  • The Effects of Doors on Airflow and Equipment Cooling in IT Equipment Cabinets

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    This white paper from Microsoft shows how companies can save anywhere from 30 to 90 percent of their energy use and emissions by moving IT operations to cloud computing infrastructures.

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