May 05, 2011

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3 Ways to Strengthen the Board's Role in Sustainability Efforts
By Aron Cramer, BSR

In this second installment of a two-part series, Aron Cramer looks at the how sustainability and corporate boards will interact in the future.

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Nissan Wins $1B Contest to Give NYC Yellow Cabs a Green Makeover
By Jessica Shankleman,

The company's NV200 minivan will replace 13,000 taxis starting in 2013, with a potential to shift to an all-electric fleet starting in 2017....Read More

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Preparing for the New Energy Management Standard ISO 50001

Later this year, ISO will publish a new global standard for energy management. ISO 50001 will establish a framework for industrial plants, LEED green buildings of all types, commercial facilities and utilities to manage energy. Its aim is to help organizations improve their energy performance, increase energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of energy-related consumption. It is estimated that the standard could influence up to 60% of the world’s energy use! Will your company be ready? Join this free webcast to find out.

Shifting Toward the Long View

B Corps and Fixing the Broken System of Shareholder Capitalism
By Marc Gunther

A growing segment of the business world  believes a new kind of corporate legal structure is needed to require companies to operate for the  good of society, not just for their shareholders. Are B Corps the solution?...Read More

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Secure yesterday's data. Protect tomorrow's environment.

With the growing public focus on companies’ environmental practices, it’s critical to address tomorrow’s problems today. To learn about best practices for data security and environmental compliance when managing surplus technology assets, visit EquipNet’s new Surplus Technology Resource Center. Click here for more information.

GreenBiz on Buildings

Radical Confidence: The Truth Shall Set You Free
By Rob Watson

In today's contentious environment, everybody seems to have their own version of the truth. I wish there were a corollary to the effect of "and ignorance shall enslave you." And if not enslave, ignorance certainly shall lead us to make bad decisions....Read More

Real Estate Portfolio Managers Find Millions of Reasons to Go Green
By Matthew Wheeland

TIAA-CREF, Jones Lang LaSalle and Prudential are among the large-scale real estate managers that are saving tens of millions of dollars in energy costs every year through improved efficiency and green upgrades....Read More

Daylight-Mimicking LEDs, Recycled Concrete Net Green Building Grants

Lights that copy daylight and concrete made with recycled materials are on the receiving end of grants from the Green Building Alliance.

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New Online Resources Provide Wealth of Building Policy Data
By Leslie Guevarra

New resources from the Institute for Market Transformation, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy offer a range of tools and information about policy on energy performance and rating of buildings, enabling users to dig deeply into the subject....Read More

Also in the News

Mapping Industry's Environmental Impact

The Economy Map charts the various ways major U.S. industries affect the environment....Read More

Green Seal Adds Deodorant, Sunscreen to Eco-Label Portfolio
By Jonathan Bardelline

A new Green Seal standard looks at the life cycles of nail polish, lotion, hair spray and other personal care goods....Read More

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Real-Time Energy Optimization and Best Practices In a Mission-Critical Data Center: Learn from eBay’s four-year data center plan

With compute loads - and operating costs - on the rise, eBay established a four-year data center plan with an ambitious goal: To cut power costs in half, double compute performance while gaining greater operational agility and increased reliability. See how they succeeded. . .

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Visible and Concrete Energy Savings

What does it take to make people save energy? This new study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy profiles 10 successful energy-efficiency programs.

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The Untapped Potential of Commercial Buildings

This white paper from Next 10 says that though California is a green building policy leader, commercial structures in the state are wasting huge amounts of energy.

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