Count Down to Departure
Ready or Not...

This update is coming to you from the desk of the “queen of the CASSEL”! I have finished my role as home school mom so am more free to enjoy my leisurely life … well, let's not get carried away.

104 Days of Summer Vacation 

Cody and Cheyenne both finished school this week and made me a proud mom. Cheyenne has been promoted to 4th grade and Cody will start high school in the fall. Wow! Cheyenne took no time in throwing all her books in the garbage! Our classroom is nearly packed up and we've enjoyed a couple of days of just being lazy. Now it's time to start looking at curriculum for next year. I will continue to home school them while we do our 9 month home assignment, which will free us up for traveling and visiting friends and supporters. Thanks for all your prayers to get us through this school year.

16 Plus years

Our 9 month home assignment is quickly approaching. We leave our home of nearly 17 years in just two short weeks --- 14 days, 336 hours and counting. In case you want to know June 4th is our departure date.  Where do we start? I have my list of rooms to sort and pack and it looks like it will get done on time but this is not an easy task. There are memories in every corner of our house, in every notebook, every picture, everywhere! God has given us some wonderful friends and the students we've had the privilege of knowing through all these years have become very dear to us. Please pray us through these next 2 weeks, especially me, as we tie up loose ends, make one more memory, plan our farewell party, empty our house. When we get home we will need a car and we're also trying to make our travel plans from NH to OK. So much to think about and yet stay focused.

Whats Else is Left to Do

Craig has one more week of classes here at the training center. He is still teaching with zeal and rightly dividing the Word of God … but he is tired, physically and emotionally. Pray that God will give him extra strength to get through these next crazily busy weeks. Besides teaching next week, he will be involved in meetings with some of our sponsoring board and field leadership, not to mention helping me pack up the house and still find time for spending with the students who appear on our doorstep at more frequent intervals as our days get less and less.

Craig has been asked to preach the graduation service on May 27th . This class is full of my heroes and it will be an emotional time. Pray that God will give him a message that will challenge and encourage them in their faithfulness.

Four days later is the wedding of two of our students in the Missions 1 class. Anskar and Stelda met here when they started the training 3 years ago and now we get the privilege of seeing them begin their life together. I'm in charge of decorating and I will do this will be such an honor for me as Ans has been my right hand man on decorating committees for the past 2 years. Cody and Cheyenne will also be in the wedding and they are both very excited about that. They are gonna look so beautiful .. but I am not biased at all!

How to Pray

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!” pretty much sums up our lives these days. We love this ministry God has given us! Right now we are feeling tired but encouraged, sleepy but not cast down, emotional but not disappointed. We're thanking God for each of you who pray for us and support us financially. You mean so much to us and we look forward to telling you that in person in just a few short weeks. We remain steadfast, immoveable, abounding in the work of the Lord!

Cheryl, for

The 4 C's
Craig, Cheryl, Cody & Cheyenne

PS.  Continue to pray for our furlough car. We are praying for a good reliable mini van.  So far we have $200 given to this need.
If you desire to help you may click this link  HELP  .

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