As you know, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Atlantic City, N.J., last week and created devastation up and down the East Coast. Over 80 people died as a result of the storm and millions have been without power for over a week. Our headquarters and many of our employees and their families are based in Amityville, NY, which is on Long Island. Our office was without power, phones, and internet. Staff members didn't fare much better. Our owner spent a great deal of time securing generators for staff members, even while dealing with damage to his own property.

We have now established some stability and are ready to start helping those around us. We are hearing from local yarn stores that are doing fund drives, donating a portion of their profits to Relief efforts and opening their doors to cold knitters & crocheters who need a place to recharge. While the immediate needs of recovering from the disaster are best addressed by a cash donation to your preferred charity, we know knitters and crocheters express their concern through their crafts.

Clothing Drive
Knitting Fever has purchased 1,200 pairs of socks, 1248 hats and 1046 gloves which we are preparing to distribute to families in the affected areas through our vast network of independent local yarn shops like yours. We're also giving away two pallets of large industrial garbage bags, so necessary for the massive clean up underway.

How can you as a LYS owner help??
Knitting Fever is coordinating with our network of independently owned Local Yarn Stores across the country to have them act as collection points for your customers' donations of knit or crochet clothing, afghans, hats, scarves, etc. Donations need not be limited to handmade items; clothing, blankets, etc. are very much needed. Once you have received the donations, call us and we'll arrange to have UPS pick it up at our cost.

We like to say that hand knit and crocheted items are like a long distance hug. Well, the East Coast could sure use a hug right now!




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