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Hey everyone -

I am hoping that everyone is having a wonderful Spring so far -- now that my partner and I are finally settling into our space in Denver, we're loving watching flowers blossom, more dogs get walked in front of our house, and heading to local parks and coffee shops for fun. Due to the move, I missed my March Newsletter, so I'm going to play a little catch up. April in National Sexual Assault Awareness month -- please share your stories, please work towards creating safer communities, please work towards being support for survivors. April is ALSO National Get Yourself Tested Month - check out for info on this! Enjoy the newsletter -- I'd love for you to invite your friends, family, co-workers, peers, etc to sign up, so that everyone can get info about sex education in general, as well as know where to find me. If you'd like to invite them, just have them click here (

March and April was and are busy months for me -- my partner and I moved from Arizona to Colorado, complete with our three kitties, who are loving the space the new place affords them, as well as dog and bird watching. Right after the move, I hopped on a plane to Rhode Island, where I spoke both at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (run by Megan Andelloux and her band of interns), and Brown University. Back in Denver for a day or so before I took off for Portland, Oregon, where I had been invited to present three workshops at Kinkfest. Both trips were incredibly fun, although I was exhausted and a bit sick by the time I made it home.

While in Denver, I also presented for SKALES, and helped get more classes going at the Fascinations here in Denver. I also attended both the Senate Judiciary Hearing and House Judiciary Hearing for the Colorado Civil Unions Act, which was sadly lost by one vote in the HJC. Denver is full of awesome non-profits, and I am proud to have supported Warren Village, the Women's Bean Project, and Prax/us, both through in kind and financial donations.

In early April, I headed to Washington DC for the Momentum Conference, hands down one of the best sexuality conferences I've had the honor of attended. Not only did the list of presenters read like a list of Sex Ed Who's Who (Tristan Taormino, Susie Bright, Carol Queen, Megan Andelloux, Reid Mihalko, Sarah Sloane, Lillith Grey, Princess Kali, Lorraine Hutchins, Anita Wagner, etc), but I was lucky enoguh to get to present a class on intersections of identity as well as participate in three panels, on ethicality in sex ed writing, on using new media in satisfying customers, and in choosing to be anon vs coming out online/in the real world.   At the end of the conference, I was lucky enough to teach Red Hand Red, Left Hand Lube at Sugar in Baltimore! Also, Kink Academy and I shot another bevy of clips, from duct tape bondage to aftercare negoation, as well as playing sensually with sharp things and kinky games people play, so make sure to check them out as more clips come out.

Right now, I'm working on putting together two calls for interns (long distance ok) -- one from a more social media/marketing perspective and one from a sex ed perspective. Both are unpaid, but certainly get benefits like free toys, introductions to movers and shakers in the sexuality world, and i'm happy to work within college/university/etc guidlines to help these internships get credit. Keep your eye on for more info!

I'm also setting up a home office in Capitol Hill (Denver Metro) -- this means that while I'm still happy to meet coaching and counseling clients in coffee shops, or via skype, I will also have a location for them to come to, if they so choose. If you, your friends, partners, etc are interested in sex coaching or relationship counseling, I operate on a sliding scale to make is as accessible as possible for the most people. Check out my page on sex coaching and relationship counseling here.

My weekly radio show continues to go well, and I've had guests such as Joseph Kramer, Darklady, Sexpert Kelly and many more!  Luckily for all of you out of state, you can stream it live on the Let's Talk Sex Radio Show web page. Please tune in (on the radio or online) at 4pm PDTand listen to talk about sexuality, toys, fantasies, identities and much more. I'm always happy to answer callers, and I facebook/tweet live during it, so can answer questions on there as well.

While I am booked up for most of April and much of July, I am, as always, looking ahead. This means I'm booking classes/lectures/workshops/discussions/etc for sex toy stores, dungeons, conferences, or more for May, June, some of July, and August 2011, and beyond! Check out my workshops list and kink classes for a variety of fun discussions and seminars, both older and brand spanking new! Perhaps you're looking to book for your school's sex week, sexual assault awareness programming, Greek Life, etc? I have a whole bunch of lectures/discussions/workshops designed especially for colleges and universities. I'm also always happy to create new classes, one on one session, full day workshops and more -- whatever you would like to fit YOUR needs.

Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of April, and of course a fabulous May (which is National Masturbation Month!),


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: ShannaKatz

Monthly Review -- The Sqweel:

Let's talk about what it feels like to Sqweel! What is it? It's a simple as this - a whole bunch of freaking fantasitic (and body friendly) silicone tongues on a motor wheel. Yep. Think about that. Tongues on a wheel! It might not be the best toy for use with a partner, but it is absolutely outstanding for alone time. The toy has low, medium and high; all are great, but please make sure to use a decent amount of lube with whichever setting works best for you. I love that the whole toy comes apart, so you can clean the tongues (even sterilize them), and now sites like Babeland offer different wheel options, so you're not stuck with just the tongues, but have a barrage of awesome clit licking options. Check out my video review of this unique and fabulous toy, and then click here to check out and get your own Sqweel for fun and pleasure!

Monthly Sex/Relationship Tip:

April doesn't really have a lot going on for it as far as relationship centric and/or gift giving holidays, which makes it perfect for Get Yourself Tested Month. Time to reconnect with your body and your own sexual health and wellness in time for upcoming National Masturbation Month in May! If you're single, treat yourself -- go get a full panel run at your local GYN, PCP, Planned Parenthood, Health Center or Clinic, and then give yourself something you love, like a new book, a new sex toy, or a walk in the park. It's important to reward yourself for taking care of yourself! If you're in a partnership, make it a date; you can both go get tested, then go play on a playground, or share a milkshake (or vegan seitan wings from Watercourse/City o City if you're in Denver!), and take away the stigma of testing. 75-80% of sexually active Americans have or HAVE had a sexually transmitted infection. Rather than placing shame on it, remember that knowledge is power, and that it's completely average for one or more partners to have an STI. This is a great time to have conversations about safer sex, including barriers, birth control, when you're going to get tested again, etc. Don't make being tested a drag; turn it into a celebration of reclaiming your sexuality and staying in touch with your body!


Spring Schedule: (see constant updates and more on my site schedule)

April 14: Female Sexual Pleasure and Sex Toys 101 at University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)

April 16-17: DO Ask, DO Tell - Phoenix Pride (Phoenix, AZ)

April 24: Queer Easter Tea (Denver, CO)

April 28-May 1: AASECT Annual Conference (San Diego, CA)

May 12: How Many Licks - Adventures in Cunnilingus (Fascinations - Phoenix, AZ)

May 13: Toys for Big Girls and Boys (School of One - Phoenix, AZ)

May 24: Keeping the Spark Going and Q/A (Womyn's Cirle at The Center - Denver, Colorado)

May 28: Sexuality Educational Series (The Denver Sanctuary - Denver, Colorado)

June 9th: Harness Your Pleasure: Strap On 101 (Fascinations - Aurora, CO)

June 9th/10th: Treating Equally - LGBTQ Inclusivity in Healthcare (Women's Health and Family Planning Conference - Denver, Colorado)

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