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Hey everyone -

Happy National Masturbation Month! Yes, you heard me right -- May is National Masturbation Month, a fabulous month that can be celebrate both on your own or with partners and lovers. Masturbation isn't just about flying solo, so take some time to love exploring your own body and what turns you on (or doesn't!). Enjoy the newsletter -- I'd love for you to invite your friends, family, co-workers, peers, etc to sign up, so that everyone can get info about sex education in general, as well as know where to find me. If you'd like to invite them, just have them click here (

Much of April was spent traveling, but it was also spent unpacking more boxes and really getting settled in to Denver. I cannot tell you genuinely nice it is to feel like you're actually HOME. My partner and I are turning our third bedroom into an office, so if you're looking for a sex coach or relationship counselor (kink, poly, LGBTQ and PWD friendly, on a sliding scale), I now can see folks in this Denver office, in addition to their own homes, coffeshops, or via skype.

I spent almost a week in Phoenix in the middle of April, celebrating Phoenix Pride, as well as Tax Relief Day at Fascinations, presenting on Female Pleasure and Sex Toys at the University of Arizona, and doing a quick interview with CBS 5 regarding foods that can improve your sex life. My next trip was to San Diego, for the annual conference for AASECT; American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists. I acted as the social media chair for this event, as well as the sub-committee chair for the silent auction, introducting more adult oriented items this year, which were a huge success. I also collected four stuffed STIs (and then bought the rest from -- I love fun teaching tools!

Stuffed STIs!
Clamydia, HPV, Syphilis and Herpes

At the AASECT conference, I was lucky to get to meet and/or meet up with some fabulous people and fellow educators, including Jamye Waxman, Justine Shuey, Kira and Rebecca of Screw Smart, Stef of City Girl Blogs, Catherine Toyooka, The Mama Sutra, Sandra from the Pleasure Chest, Chris White, Heather Corinna, Bethany Stevens, Corey Silverberg, and many more. Often times, the best networking and learning happen outside of the traditional conference settings, and that was absolutely the case here as well. So many smart and sassy sex nerds all in one place -- it was wonderful!

Last month, I posted my call for summer interns on my site. I'll be looking for two, to work on both the sex education side and the marketing/social media side for being a sexologist Both are unpaid, but certainly get benefits like free toys, introductions to movers and shakers in the sexuality world, and I'm happy to work within college/university/etc guidlines to help these internships get credit. Applications are due May 15th!

While I am booked up for most of May and much of July, I am, as always, looking ahead. This means I'm booking classes/lectures/workshops/discussions/etc for sex toy stores, dungeons, conferences, or more for some of May, June, some of July, August and September 2011, and beyond! I'm hoping to be able to do a tour of the midwest (Chicago, Minneapolis, Wisconsin, etc) in September, so if you're with a school, business or organization who might be interested in booking me, please let me know. Check out my workshops list and kink classes for a variety of fun discussions and seminars, both older and brand spanking new! Perhaps you're looking to book for your school's sex week, sexual assault awareness programming, Greek Life, etc? I have a whole bunch of lectures/discussions/workshops designed especially for colleges and universities. I'm also always happy to create new classes, one on one session, full day workshops and more -- whatever you would like to fit YOUR needs.

Here is to everyone having a wonderful and fulfilling May,


All Rainbow-Tastic for the Phoenix Pride Parade

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Monthly Review -- The JeJoue Ami:

Part of sexual health and wellness includes muscle tone. Now, it is important to note that EVERYONE has kegel muscles, regardless of your genitalia. However, if you have a vagina, and want to super-tone your vaginal walls (we're talking stronger and longer orgasms, and other benefits, like less incontinence as you age, and easier recovery from vaginal child birth), you should get your hands on a set of Ami by Je Joue. Rather than just one awesome kegel ball/ball set (like Fun Factory's SmartBalls), the Ami actually comes with not one, not two, but THREE different kegel muscle exercisers. A one-ball, light weight one to start, a medium one with two balls and a little more heft, and then the advanced one -- smaller, but much heavier, to really give your nether regions a great work out. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, these must have vaginal exercisers are body friendly and sterilizable. Why not pick up a set for Masturbation Month, or gift a set as a present for Mother's Day? Just saying! Click here to check out and get your own set of the Je Joue Ami, for kegel exercisers you'll never regret!

Monthly Sex/Relationship Tip:

It's Masturbation Month! Let's talk about some of the reasons that mastubation can be important to your sexual well being.  First of all, it feels good for most people...and if something feels good, then why not do it? Some studies have shown that frequent ejaculation in those who have prostates (30 times or more per month) can reduce their risk of prostate cancer. When you masturbate, you're getting to know your body better, and that means that you can share your wants and needs (and things you don't want, or don't like) with current and/or future partners, making for better and more satisfying sexual experiences. Masturbation is 100% safer sex, and you can do it with a partner lying in bed with you, across the room, or even via skype if you're in a more long distance relationship. Plus, orgasms of any kind are great for your body and make you feel good/better, so why don't take a moment (or two or three) and celebrate National Masturbation Month by getting down with yourself? After all, you are always your own best lover!


Spring/Summer Schedule: (see constant updates and more on my site schedule)

May 13: Toys for Big Girls and Boys (School of One - Phoenix, AZ)

May 24: Keeping the Spark Going and Q/A (Womyn's Circle at The Center - Denver, Colorado)

May 28: Sexuality Educational Series (The Denver Sanctuary - Denver, Colorado)

May 29: Kinky Queer Meet Up 1pm (Watercourse Foods - Denver, Colorado)

June 9th: Harness Your Pleasure: Strap On 101 (Fascinations - Aurora, CO)

June 9th/10th: Treating Equally - LGBTQ Inclusivity in Healthcare (Women's Health and Family Planning Conference - Denver, Colorado)

June 18th-19th: Denver Pride (Civic Center Park, Denver, CO)

July 1-4th: Four Classes at TESFest (New Jersey)

July 8th-10th: Thunder in the Mountains (Crowne Plaza, Denver, CO)

July 16th-17th: Colorado Springs Pride (Acacia Park, Colorado Springs, CO)

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