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Hey everyone -

Hoping that everyone had a warm, safe and enjoyable Winter Holiday Season of Joy, Love, Giving and Captialism, and was able to celebrate whatever they choose to (or choose not to) with loved ones. Welcome to my January edition of the Katz Meow, my sex education newsletter! I absolutely cannot believe we're already into the new year and have left the first decade of the 2000s behind. I'd love for you to invite your friends, family, co-workers, peers, etc to sign up, so that everyone can get info about sex education in general, as well as know where to find me. If you'd like to invite them, just have them click here (

In December, I had a quick trip to New York to speak at Hofstra, and then returned for a 5 day visit, mixing business (teaching) with pleasure (seeing my partner's family, friends, etc). While in New York, I was lucky enough to present for the Lesbian Sex Mafia at the LGBT Center, as well as at Purple Passion. It was wonderful to see old friends like Viviane and Lolita, as well as meet new ones.  Also, Princess Kali came into town from Boston, and I was able to film some clips for Kink Academy using Aiden Fyre as my demo bottom. One clip is already up, and more will continue to go live. Enjoy!

Also in December, I taught a fun and fabulous Blow Job class for Fascinations, and got to participate in Ignite Phoenix: After Hours, where I did a presentation on Vaginal Fisting in 20 power point slides and only five minutes. Crazy, yes, but also a lot of fun. Check it out here on you tube.

I then decided to tak some time off of traveling, and didn't speak for a whole two weeks! My partner and I used this time to work on continually improving our relationship, and to get away for a few days over the long Christmas weekend. I've also been working on increasing my number of sex coaching/relationship counseling clients. I provide this service in person, over the phone or via Skype on a sliding scale fee structure dependent on what YOU feel you can afford. Please drop me a line if you're interested!

My weekly radio show continues to go well, and I've had guests such as Julian Wolf, Lillith Grey, Catherine Toyooka, Lee Harrington and Jacq Jones. Coming up this month, I have the wonderful Jamye Waxman, Heidi Lee of Into the Soup, the author of the Intercourses Cookbook, Mistress Saskia and more!  Let's Talk Sex with Shanna Katz is a weekly radio show produced on 1100AM in Phoenix. Luckily for all of you out of state, you can stream it live on the KFNX website. Please tune in (on the radio or online) at 4pm MST and listen to talk about sexuality, toys, fantasies, identities and much more. I'm always happy to answer callers, and I facebook/tweet live during it, so can answer questions on there as well.

This month brings some good travelling! First, I'm off to Las Vegas for the AVNs/AEE. Think Oscars of Porn meets the big yearly toy expo where new products are revealed, deals are made, and networking abounds. I'm excited to see old friends, meet new friends, and of course, dress up for the awards show! Then, on January 15th, I'll be speaking at the University of Arizona's American Women's Medical Associations's Women in Medicine conference in Tucson on Women, Sexuality and Dis/ability. Following that, I'm off to Denver the 26th-31st to speak at Fascinations, SKALES and the Sanctuary, as well as see friends/family, and get some ducks in a row for next fall's wedding. Check out my schedule below (and I'm booking counseling sessions while there as well).

While I am booked up for most of January and February, I am, as always, looking ahead. This means I'm booking classes/lectures/workshops/discussions/etc for sex toy stores, dungeons, conferences, or more for March, April and May 2011, and beyond! Check out my workshops list and kink classes for a variety of fun discussions and seminars, both older and brand spanking new! Perhaps you're looking to book for your school's sex week, sexual assault awareness programming, Greek Life, etc? I have a whole bunch of lectures/discussions/workshops designed especially for colleges and universities. I'm also always happy to create new classes, one on one session, full day workshops and more -- whatever you would like to fit YOUR needs.

Also, I've added a Q and A section to my site/blog, where people can anonymously ask me their sexual questions and get them answered. Feel free to submit your own!

Wishing everyone a fruitful New Year, full of good wishes, good things and good times.


Happy New Year!

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Shanna Katz
: ShannaKatz

Monthly Review -- We Vibe II:

The We Vibe II is 100% silicone, so it is body friendly, chemical free, and you can sterilize it by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution (only compatible with water-based lubricant). Regular cleaning with soap and warm water is fine too if you’re not sharing. It is rechargeable, which I personally love, and the hole for the charger is pretty self closing, making it a great water resistant vibrator. This version has NINE vibration speeds/modes, which is awesome. The only problem I had with it was that it was pretty difficult, almost impossible to change the modes by pressing the button once it was already in someone. For the most part, you had to have them take it out, press the button to change the mode, and re-inset. This, and the increased noise level, were my only issues with the toy. Otherwise, this is one of the most fun, innovative, creative and useful vibrators out there, as despite it’s marketing towards straight couples, it can be used in various ways by people of all sexes, genders, orientations and relationship statuses. Click here to read the rest of my We Vibe II Review!

Monthly Sex Tip:

Sexy doesn't have to mean sexual. Is it hot when your partner does the dishes for you? How about when you come home to the laundry folded, the oil changed in your car, or all your favorite shows DVRed? Acts of service can be incredibly sexy, even if they aren't happening in a sexual way. And clothing? While traditional lingerie gets some peoples' engines going, whatever makes YOU feel sexy is really the sexiest thing you can wear. Try out different things; silk boxes, 50's vintage dresses, comfy PJ pants, slips, old Halloween costumes, leopard print robes, those Superman sweat pants that make you feel invincible. Whatever turns you on or makes you feel more condfident and sexy when you're wearing it? THAT is the right outfit! Same goes for porn/erotica; there is no "right" type of either of these. If your weekly indie paper's political section makes you wet, then read it outloud in bed. Perhaps Channel 9's news anchor gets your blood flowing; use the 10 o'clock news to ease into nooky. All sorts of people have all sorts of things that turn them on and make them feel sexy -- really explore different options!

Fall Schedule: (see constant updates and more on my site schedule)

January 5-8th: AEE/AVN (Las Vegas, NV)

January 13th: What's Up with the Butt? Anal 101 (Fascinations -- Glendale, AZ) 7pm FREE More info

January 15th: U of A American Women's Medical Association Conference Speaker (Tucson, AZ), 11AM or 1pm

January 26th-30th: Denver, CO (Still have availablity for speaking/relationship counseling -- please email me if interested)

January 26th: Topic TBA (Safe Kink Adult Lifestyle Education -- Denver, CO), 7pm, FREE More info

January 27th: Suck on This: Adventures in Fellatio (Fascinations -- Boulder, CO), 7pm, FREE More info

January 29th: Fulfilling Your Fantasies: Role Play and More (The Denver Sanctuary-- Denver, CO), 7pm, Cost: TBA More info

February 18-20th: National Collegeiate Leadership Conference (Tucson, AZ), Pre-Registration Required, Co-Presenter with Lisa Pittari

February 24th: Let's Talk Sex: Topic TBA (Fascinations --Scottsdale, AZ), 7pm, FREE More info

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