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January's sex education newsletter

Hey everyone -

I am hoping that everyone's 2011 is going fabulously, and that the second month of this year is treating you well.  I'm a little late with this month's newsletter, as early February is a little crazy busy for those of us in the sexuality field, plus an end of January trip to Colorado made me push my schedule back a little. I'd love for you to invite your friends, family, co-workers, peers, etc to sign up, so that everyone can get info about sex education in general, as well as know where to find me. If you'd like to invite them, just have them click here ( I have a big the end of the newsletter!

In January, I traveled first to Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo/Adult Novelty Expo and AVN Awards (think the Oscars of porn), which meant I got to see some of my favorite people in the field, like the folks from Njoy, JeJoue, Good Vibrations, Tied Up Events, Self Serve, Smitten Kitten, Sugar, and much more, as well as meet some new folks in the field of sexuality products and education, like those from the Tool Shed, Buck and Elayne Angel, and many more. I am so happy at the growth of sex positive people attending this traditionally "mainstream" event as it shows the direction sex ed is going, and it looks good to me! Plus, I spend the awards show with Dee (from Njoy) and Jamye Waxman, which was fabulous.  Add to that seeing the Queer Porn Mafia from SF and Canada, and it was a good time had by all.

I also got to travel to Denver, my home, where I presented for SKALES, the Denver Sanctuary, helped host a Kinky Girls Sleepover at the RACK Room and taught at Fascinations. My best friend and I were lucky enough to attend the Colorado Civil Unions kick off rally as well.  Also, I stopped by my favorite eateries for vegetarian Pho and seitan buffalo wings. Delish! I booked my trips to AASECT and Momentum conferences, as well as KinkFest in Portland this March, and Brown University/the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Rhode Island.  Also last month, Kink Academy posted two clips of me talking about sex and disability, so make sure to check them out.

I taught a sassy What's Up with the Butt - Anal 101 and  fun and fabulous Suck on This: Adventures in Fellatio class for Fascinations, plus worked on staff training. I also kept on with my American Medical Student's Associations Sexual Health Scholars Program facilitation -- I can't wait to see their final projects. I also had my first magazine article published in So Scottsdale, a write up about me in Colorado's Westord, and was a guest on the Crowded Planet radio show.

Additionally, I worked on adding classes, renaming/redesigning old ones, etc on to provide more needed, fun and diverse options. My partner and I are going to be doing more presentations together, such as working with medical staff to be more inclusive of LGBTQ patients, and a workshop on being the change you wish to see at the National Collegiate Leadership Conference later this month!

My weekly radio show continues to go well, and I've had guests such as the wonderful Jamye Waxman, Heidi Lee of Into the Soup, the author of the Intercourses Cookbook, Mistress Saskia and more! Coming up, I have a fun version of the Couples Game and more great guests this month. Let's Talk Sex with Shanna Katz is a weekly radio show produced on 1100AM in Phoenix. Luckily for all of you out of state, you can stream it live on the Let's Talk Sex Radio Show web page. Please tune in (on the radio or online) at 4pm MST and listen to talk about sexuality, toys, fantasies, identities and much more. I'm always happy to answer callers, and I facebook/tweet live during it, so can answer questions on there as well.

While I am booked up for most of March and April, I am, as always, looking ahead. This means I'm booking classes/lectures/workshops/discussions/etc for sex toy stores, dungeons, conferences, or more for June, July, and August 2011, and beyond! Check out my workshops list and kink classes for a variety of fun discussions and seminars, both older and brand spanking new! Perhaps you're looking to book for your school's sex week, sexual assault awareness programming, Greek Life, etc? I have a whole bunch of lectures/discussions/workshops designed especially for colleges and universities. I'm also always happy to create new classes, one on one session, full day workshops and more -- whatever you would like to fit YOUR needs.

Also, I've added a Q and A section to my site/blog, where people can anonymously ask me their sexual questions and get them answered. Feel free to submit your own!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! My partner and I will be moving back to Denver, CO in the beginning of March. While our time in Arizona has certainly been instructive for both of us, Colorado is truly our home, and where many of our friends and family members reside. We look forward to moving back to what feels like home for us. I'll still be in Arizona about once a month for work and presentations, and of course, still traveling throughout the country.

Wishing everyone a fabulous February full of love and kindesses, both to yourself and those you care about,


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Shanna Katz
: ShannaKatz

Monthly Review -- Spare Parts Joque Harness:

My review of the Spare Parts Joque Harness could be broken down into pretty much one word; AMAZING. Or awesome. Or perfect. I'm a huge proponent of comfort during sex, and this harness, made of neoprene like material (also vegan!) is super comfy, very adujustable so you can make it first perfectly, and comes in multiple sizes so that if you're a size that doesn't always fit in harnesses, it will fit you. Plus, did I mention that it is machine washable? Yeah. So when you're done having fun, you can just drop it in the machine with your next load of wash for easy clean up! It comes in multiple colors and sizes, and fits men too, so whether you are looking for a sex solution to ED, or playing with cuckcolding, it can fit and be comfy for him. It is also usable for double ended toys, like the Tantus Feeldoe, the Vixen Nexus or the Fun Factory Share, if you're looking for a little extra stabilization. All in all, it's probably my favorite harness on the market, and extremely long lasting -- I've had a baby blue one for almost five years! Click here to check out and get your own Joque Harness!

Monthly Sex/Relationship Tip:

In the month of February, it's all too easy to get caught up in the craze of valentine's day, and the magic capitalism for February 14th. However, keep in mind that if you are partnered, it's important to remind your partner how much you love them/care about them throughout the year, and even throughout the month of February. Instead of investing in chocolates or flowers that will be gone in a week, consider saving towards a special overnight trip for the two of you, a couples sex toy that you'd both love to use, a new set of bedding that makes you both feel sexy and sensual, etc. Don't go with cliche -- go with what feels right and works for YOUR relationship. It doesn't even have to cost a cent -- a note on the windshield or in the middle of a text book can really get to the heart of the issue; how much you care about them. Single? Don't let the pressure of this holiday make you feel bad. Celebrate your primary partner -- yourself! Buy yourself flowers, or cook yourself your favorite foods, or go out for the night of all the activities you love. Remember why you are so freaking awesome!

Winter/Spring Schedule: (see constant updates and more on my site schedule)

February 9th: Treating with Equality - LGBTQ Inclusivity in Healthcare (the Mayo Clinic, AZ), Co-Presenter with Lisa Pittari

February 18-20th: National Collegeiate Leadership Conference (Tucson, AZ), Pre-Registration Required, Co-Presenter with Lisa Pittari

February 22nd: Full Spectrum Sexuality (Paradise Valley Community College -- Paradise Valley, AZ)

February 23nd: Making Safer Sex Sexy (Arizona State University -- Tempe, AZ)

February 24nd: Full Spectrum Sexuality (Mesa Community College Class -- Arizona)

February 24th: Let's Talk Sex: Harnessing Your Pleasure -- Strap On 101 (Fascinations --Scottsdale, AZ), 7pm, FREE More info

March 10th: Topic TBA (The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Heath, RI)

March 12th: FIlming for Kink Academy

March 13th/14th:If You Can't Love Yourself (Body Positivity and Autonomy) and All Roads Leading to Pleasre (Sex Educators in the Real World) at Brown University (Providence, RI)

March 18th - 20th: Workshops at KinkFest (Portland, OR)

April 1-3: Workshops/Panels at the Momentum Conference (Washington, DC)

April 4: Red Hand Red, Left Hand Lube - Sex Positions for Everyone at Sugar (Baltimore, MD)

April 28-May 1: AASECT Annual Conference (San Diego, CA)

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