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Hey everyone -

Happy National Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Pride month (I'd choose to add queer, questioning, intersexual, asexual, pansexual and more, if it was up to me)! National Masturbation Month (May) was fabulous, but is now over, so it's time for us to take Pride in those sexual identities (genders, orientations and more) that aren't always discussed, celebrated or provided with equal rights and opportunities. I'll be at Denver Pride later this month (and Colorado Springs Pride in July, and Boulder Pride in August, hitting up 4 Prides this year). Take a moment and ask someone in the LGBTQIAA community about their identity/ies, their triumphs, their struggles, etc. As the stories of queer folk are shared, perhaps the hate will stop, and tolerance, and dare I hope, acceptance, will become the norm.

Enjoy the newsletter -- I'd love for you to invite your friends, family, co-workers, peers, etc to sign up, so that everyone can get info about sex education in general, as well as know where to find me. If you'd like to invite them, just have them click here (

At the beginning of May, I was in San Diego at the AASECT conference, and while I spent a few days in Phoenix visiting, working at Fascinations and presenting at the Phoenix Goddess Temple, I was lucky enough to spend the majority of May in Denver, really settling in. We took some time to set up my new office, and I'm happy to offer sliding scale relationship counseling and sex coaching appointments in Capitol Hill. So...if you're looking for a sex coach or relationship counselor (kink, poly, LGBTQ and PWD friendly, on a sliding scale), perhaps I can help! Plus, with the summer upon us, I'm scheduling bachelorette parties, stag nights, blow job/eating out classes, toy parties and more. Feel free to contact me to schedule your private party/event today!

I've been posting more frequently on my blog -- I finally put up a post with my Three Rules for Good Sex -- very basic, but solid advice that will help you have better sex each and every time! Follow all of my blog postings by signing up for my RSS feed, or visiting the Blog on my site.

I was lucky to have gotten over two dozen applications for my two summer interns, and had an incredibly difficult time narrowing it down to just two. However, I finally did it, and would like to welcome Kathryn and Lynne as my new interns!

While I am booked up for most of June and some of July, I am, as always, looking ahead. This means I'm booking classes/lectures/workshops/discussions/etc for sex toy stores, dungeons, conferences, or more for some of June, some of July, August and September 2011, and beyond! I'm hoping to be able to do a tour of the midwest (Chicago, Minneapolis, Wisconsin, etc) in September, so if you're with a school, business or organization who might be interested in booking me, please let me know. Check out my workshops list and kink classes for a variety of fun discussions and seminars, both older and brand spanking new! Perhaps you're looking to book for your school's sex week, sexual assault awareness programming, Greek Life, etc? I have a whole bunch of lectures/discussions/workshops designed especially for colleges and universities. I'm also always happy to create new classes, one on one session, full day workshops and more -- whatever you would like to fit YOUR needs.

Here is to everyone having fabulous and self-aware June,


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: ShannaKatz

Monthly Review -- Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate:

It’s a mouse, it’s a com device….no no, it’s the Better Than Chocolate vibrator! In my latest video review, I take on Nomi Tang’s clitoral stimulator/external vibrator, the Better Than Chocolate. It’s a cute toy, made to hug the curves of a variety of parts of the body (the vulva, around the penis shaft, etc), and comes in two colors; plum and navy, which is awesome for those who aren’t the biggest fan of pink (like me!). While I wish that it was made of silicone (which is a sterilizable material), at least is is made of elastomer, which happens to be a phthalate free and body-friendly material. This makes it safe and hypo-allergenic for bodies, and is also compatible with a variety of water-based lubricants. It can be used solo for masturbatory fun, or with a partner for some vibe-tastic interactions. Click here to see my video review for more thoughts on this vibe!

Monthly Sex/Relationship Tip:

It's Masturbation Month! Let's talk about some of the reasons that mastubation can be important to your sexual well being.  First of all, it feels good for most people...and if something feels good, then why not do it? Some studies have shown that frequent ejaculation in those who have prostates (30 times or more per month) can reduce their risk of prostate cancer. When you masturbate, you're getting to know your body better, and that means that you can share your wants and needs (and things you don't want, or don't like) with current and/or future partners, making for better and more satisfying sexual experiences. Masturbation is 100% safer sex, and you can do it with a partner lying in bed with you, across the room, or even via skype if you're in a more long distance relationship. Plus, orgasms of any kind are great for your body and make you feel good/better, so why don't take a moment (or two or three) and celebrate National Masturbation Month by getting down with yourself? After all, you are always your own best lover!


Summer Schedule: (see constant updates and more on my site schedule)

June 4th: Private Bachelorette Party

June 9th: Harness Your Pleasure: Strap On 101 (Fascinations - Aurora, CO)

June 9th/10th: Treating Equally - LGBTQ Inclusivity in Healthcare (Women's Health and Family Planning Conference - Denver, Colorado)

June 18th-19th: Denver Pride (Civic Center Park, Denver, CO)

July 1-4th: Four Classes at TESFest (New Jersey)

July 8th-10th: Thunder in the Mountains (Crowne Plaza, Denver, CO)

July 16th-17th: Colorado Springs Pride (Acacia Park, Colorado Springs, CO)

July 19th: Ontario, CA

July 20-22nd: Phoenix, AZ

July 30th: SES Series at the Sanctuary (Denver Sanctuary, Denver, CO)

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