Libraries collect. Libraries collect books, until eventually the bookcases are full and rent becomes a problem and some books are withdrawn. And then: unpopular, irrelevant, out-of-date books are released back into the public; published-in-reverse. To be collected again by those who might care to know what was once considered so important to collect. Because collection is remembering, and the cloud forgets.

This modest catalog features material from our newest list (the rest of which can be seen here), composed of withdrawals from North American libraries; to be updated periodically. Although library treatments (card pockets, stamps, call numbers, etc.) are common to these books, they add a certain charm; we've only selected copies otherwise considered in very good condition or better, many of which remain commercially (and sometimes institutionally) uncommon.

01. BEALE, Marie ••• The Modern Magic Carpet: Air-Jaunting over the Ancient East. Baltimore, 1930 ••• Shock and Awe; Irak, Syria, Palestine. Read more.

02. BRERETON, Cloudesley ••• Mystica et Lyrica. London, 1919 ••• The most tragic ex-library book. Read more.
03. CARMAN, Bliss ••• More Songs from Vagabondia. Boston, 1901 ••• "Whose furthest footstep never strayed / Beyond the village of his birth..." Read more.

04. CARNEY, Mabel •••  Country Life and the Country School. Chicago, 1912 ••• "Better farming, better business, better living." Read more.

05. CARSON, W. E. ••• Mexico: The Wonderland of the South. New York, 1910 ••• "Strange mixture of the ancient and the modern." Read more.

06. DENNIS, Laurence ••• Is Capitalism Doomed? New York, 1932 ••• From the African-American Fascist who pretended himself white. Read more.

07. DUBREUIL, H. ••• Robots or Men? A French Workman's Experience in American Industry. New York, 1930 ••• Before going undercover, he shaved his beard. Read more.

08. [ET AL.] ••• After Dinner Speeches at the Lotos Club. New York, 1901 ••• An uncommon item of Twain-iana. Read more.

09. DE GOURMONT, Remy ••• Pendant la Guerre. Paris, 1916 ••• "Aux heures où nos barbares adversaires tuaient au nom d'une féroce Kulture..." Read more.

10. GOZZANO, Guido ••• I Primi e gli Ultimi Colloqui. Milan, 1926 ••• Vs. futurist man—a fragile poetry; with trouble breathing. Read more.

11. IRWIN, Will ••• How Red is America? New York, 1927 ••• Trying to calm the Red hysteria with facts, Irwin was a sober anti-communist. Read more.

12. [HORACE MANN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL] ••• The Curriculum of the Elementary School. New York, 1908 ••• Lacking muscles, attention, and respect: how to educate the children of New York City? Read more.

13. LAURENT, L. ••• Le Tabac: Sa culture et sa préparation. Paris, 1901 ••• Tobacco as neither moral nor medical substance, but as colonial staple. Read more.

14. LE BON, Gustave ••• The Psychology of Socialism. New York, 1899 •••  Socialism as quasi-religion of "the enormous legion of the discontented—and who is not of it to-day?" Read more.

15. [METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICE] ••• Instruction Book for the Guidance of the Metropolitan Police Force. London, 1925 ••• "CONFIDENTIAL. For use of Police only." Read more.

16. MOLLER, Helen ••• Dancing with Helen Moller. New York, 1918 ••• Choreography for a life worth living. Read more.

17. Oberholtzer, Ellis Paxson ••• The New Man: A Chronicle of the Modern Time. Philadelphia, 1897 ••• As rib of the New Woman. Read more.

18. PRATT, George K. ••• Morale: The Mental Hygiene of Unemployment. New York, 1933 ••• "Whether these fellow citizens of ours are to be turned into paupers or malcontents with a grudge against society, or..." Read more.

19. RENAN, Ernest ••• Le Livre de Job. Paris, 1894 ••• Acts of God; association copy. Read more.

20. SCOTT, William R. ••• The Itching Palm: A Study of the Habit of Tipping in America. Philadelphia, 1916 ••• How much are you supposed to tip? Read more.

21. STANLEY, Maude ••• Clubs for Working Girls. London, 1890 ••• The City as Temptation. Read more.

22. STREET, George Slythe ••• Some Notes of a Struggling Genius. London, 1898 ••• "People who owe hundreds of thousands do not pawn their watches." Read more.

23. WHITMAN, Sarah Wyman ••• The Letters of Sarah Wyman Whitman. Cambridge, Mass., 1907 ••• "Give lilies with full hands." Read more.

24. WILLEY, Freeman Otis ••• The Laborer and the Capitalist. Orange, NJ, 1897 ••• Apologia for child labour, amongst other things. Read more.

25. WRIXON, Henry ••• Socialism: Being Notes on a Political Tour. London, 1896 ••• If only all bureaucrats headed to Ottawa were this committed to reality.. Read more.

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