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Landlink |  December 2015 ISSUE

2015 State and Territory Landcare Awards 

Congratulations to the winners and finalists involved in the 2015 State and Territory Landcare Awards. For the past 25 years the Awards have celebrated the many achievements of Landcare across a diverse range of areas, including sustainable farming, Coastcare, Junior Landcare, Indigenous land management, and more.

The Landcare Awards have recognised and celebrated Landcare’s strength and diversity, they are a fantastic way of spreading the word about the positive impact Landcare is having in communities across the country.

Landcare has a proud history in natural resource management and stands as a testament to the active communities around our nation who should be incredibly proud of the positive impact they have made towards protecting Australia’s crucial land and water assets.

The Awards are an important occasion that acknowledge the high calibre of excellence, leadership and innovation in environmental conservation and agricultural sustainability, especially in our ever-changing environment of limited resources. 

All state and territory winners will proceed through as nominees for the 2016 National Landcare Awards. 

The Latest News from Landcare

'In Our Hands' – Celebrating 25 Years of Landcare

For the past quarter of a century, Landcare’s commitment to protecting the world in which we live has changed the face of natural resource conservation in Australia.

Landcare and its army of volunteers has revolutionised the Nation’s rural and urban landscapes by bringing together community, government and business to protect Australia’s magnificent, yet stressed, natural resources.

To commemorate Landcare Australia’s 25th anniversary, a new publication, ‘In Our Hands’, has been released that celebrates both Landcare as a national initiative and the Landcarers that made it possible.

The publication showcases the stories of Landcare champions from around the country and across sustainable agriculture, environment, community, Junior Landcare, Coastcare and Indigenous projects.

The publication provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the many achievements of Landcare, honouring the invaluable contribution made by Australians to conserve our environmental and agricultural assets. 



Strategy Forum 

Some of Australia’s leading environmental, scientific, agricultural and business minds have come together as part of a new forum that provides cutting edge thinking to assist the Board of Landcare Australia.
The information, strategy and thought leadership delivered by the Landcare Australia Strategy Forum will help Landcare Australia develop the future direction to build the capacity of the Landcare community, so together we can better manage Australia’s crucial land and water assets.
The 14-person Strategy Forum met for the first time on Wednesday 9 December to identify and address landcare challenges, priorities and opportunities.

The Strategy Forum has a standing invitation for the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Department of the Environment to nominate a senior staff member to attend each meeting. 



Youth Engagement Kit 


Landcare Australia has released a new ‘how-to kit’, designed to provide practical advice on encouraging young people to become active participants in their local Landcare group; fostering and encouraging the next generation of Landcarers.

Over the past year, Landcare Australia worked with a number of National Young Landcare Ambassadors from across Australia, to run awareness raising activities and youth engagement events.

Through these sessions we identified a need to create resources that can help Landcare groups engage with young people.

Today’s youth are the future of the Landcare movement and our safety net to secure the next generation of Landcare heroes.

The ideas behind the kit are to spawn participation through working with universities to engaging with young farmers. 


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Ways To Support Landcare Australia 

Defenders of the Earth

It's up to every single one of us to protect our Australian landscape for the future.

Become a ‘Defender of the Earth’ today.

Imagine, it’s a hot and sunny Melbourne February day, working away in your office. Suddenly, you are confronted with a shocking sight: a wall of dust more than 300 metres high is rolling towards you. Within moments, the red-brown avalanche engulfs the city. The bush has come to town. 
The choking dust storm of February 1983 saw the precious topsoil from Victoria’s Mallee and Wimmera, stripped from the drought-ravaged landscape and carried away in the wind.
The Australian landscape was in trouble.
Don't let this happen again.  We all have a role to play and the opportunity to make a difference.

By becoming a Landcare ‘Defender of the Earth’, with the gift of $1 per day (or providing a one off gift) you join a special group of individuals who are stepping up to protect the future of our land for our kids generation and generations to come.

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