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Citizen January, 2019
The Citizen
Newsletter of the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats

General  Meeting Thursday, January 24th
Camp Friendship, 339 8th Street 

Club Elections
Discussion of Committees
Discussion of Proposed County Committee Rule Changes
Public Advocate Election
Joining the LetNYVote Coalition
President's Message

Hello CBIDers,

I hope everyone is staying warm in the beginnings of this winter season. If you weren’t at our last meeting, I want to express a great deal of gratitude to everyone who attended and participated. We spent the bulk of our meeting deliberating various issues, discussing where we should insert ourselves as a club, and identifying where we want to go in the coming year. For me, it was one of the most meaningful meetings I’ve been to. We had discussions about our priorities and even had a rogue group breakaway and raise their own issues. 

One of the main points that was made clear is that we need to do better in soliciting ideas from the general membership and and bringing you all into the decision making process about where we want to go as a club. I am over the moon that this is bubbling up. When the general membership demands more of a voice in the direction of a the club, I know that we are on our way to becoming more open and inclusive. 

We want to be working on our collective ideas, and ideas of other people in the local ecosystem, and to be consciously thinking about who’s not in the room, why they aren’t in the room and how do we get them into the room. This is a lot of work, and it’s a lot harder than just scheduling canvass and petitioning events. It requires both an active membership and a governing body that listens. I can promise the latter is doing all we can (and recognize we are not perfect but are striving to become more accessible), and also requires you, the membership to voice your concerns and ideas.

We have developed more working groups and issue based committees based on the feedback of our December meeting (these are all listed below, along with contacts for each of the committee organizers). We want you, YOU, to be a part of them and guide them and lead them. We, as the executive committee, will provide the structure and resources they need to be successful, but we need your participation. We need your voices. We need your power. I will make sure we have all we need to keep moving forward. 

2019 is going to provide lots of opportunities to shape both the city and the state of New York. We have the ability to push forward the agenda we’ve been fighting for for years. We have to keep up the pressure and stay focused on accomplishing the goals that are now in sight. 

Let’s do this, all!

Asher Novek
CBID President
Please join Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, Brad Lander, Asher Novek, Josh Skaller, Lori Knipel, Liat Olenick, and Doug Schneider for a grassroots fundraiser to elect Jumaane Williams as our next Public Advocate!

Throughout his three terms as a NYC Council Member, Jumaane has stood shoulder to shoulder with marginalized communities fighting for justice and equity for all. With a proven track record of fighting for women’s rights, immigration rights, housing rights, police injustices, and more, he is ready to represent all of us as NYC’s next Public Advocate.

To RSVP or make a donation go to:
Donations may also be made at the door.  
Officer and Executive Committee Candidates

Officer Candidates
President: Asher Novek
1st Vice-President:  Joy Romanski
2nd Vice-President: Alison Mingus
Treasurer: Marty Bernstein
Corresponding Secretary:  Erica Cohen
Recording Secretary:  Melissa Turoff

Executive Committee Candidates
Benjamin Solotaire
David Michaelson
Louis Schwartz
Cheryl Kraus
Dan Wise
Ben Theodore
Richard Bruce
Dan Campanelli
Joe Criscone
Ali Manning
Richard Bennett
Mary Beth Carroll
Eric Fields
James Morgano
Ted Monell
Marvin Ciporen
Hilary van Santen

Pursuant to the Constitution, nominations for members of the executive committee may also be taken from the floor at the January meeting.  There will be no nominations from the floor for the officer positions.  

With only a few elections this year, CBID will turn its focus to our legislative priorities. For those who want to get further involved in our legislative agenda, we have created a number of committees based on those issues.  If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please email the contact person listed below: 

If there is a committee that you would like to see but is not listed above you can email Asher at with suggestions.  

NY Senate District For Progress January Meeting
Date: January 17th
Time:  6:30-8:30
Location:  Pakistani American Youth Society, 1001 Newkirk Ave.
More information here.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule:

General Meetings, held at Camp Friendship at 7pm

Thursday, February 28th
Thursday, March 28th
Thursday, April 25th

Executive committee, 7pm, locations TBD

Monday, January 28th
Monday, March 4th
Monday, April 1st

CBID Executive Committee

President - Asher Novek
First VP - Joy Romanski
2nd VP - Eric Fields
Treasurer - Marty Bernstein
Corresponding Secretary - Erica Cohen
Recording Secretary - Melissa Turoff

Executive Committee
Richard Bennett, Richard Bruce, Dan Campanelli, Mary Beth Carroll, Thomas Carroll, Joseph Criscione, Joel Galker, Lucy Koteen, Cheryl Krauss, Ali Manning, David Michaelson, Warren Miner, Alison Mingus, James Morgano, Alice Ott, Nathan Rubin, Hilary van Santen, Louis Schwartz, Chris Stauffer, Matt Shahabian, Jessica Selecky, Josh Silverstein, Benjamin Theodore, Cheryl Wertz, Dan Wise, Peter Zessos

Hon. Doug Schneider, Hon. Lori Citron Knipel, Hon. Josh Skaller, Hon. Joan Millman, Benjamin Solotaire

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