11 things Trump has done to fix Obamacare
By Brian Blase
New York Post | Sept. 26, 2020

Health care will surely be on the agenda when President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden face off in the first presidential debate tomorrow.

While Democrats often attack Trump for a lack of a health-care plan, the truth is, his administration has significantly increased Americans’ choices of health coverage and improved access to care.

In fact, Trump should be proud to campaign on his health-care record.

When Trump took office, Obamacare was wreaking havoc with the individual health-insurance market — premiums and deductibles were escalating, and choices of coverage were dwindling. The Trump administration took steps to shore up these markets, and premiums have held flat since 2018, with more insurers now offering plans.

At the same time, his administration also increased options for families and small businesses. A 2018 Trump rule expanded renewable and flexible plans not subject to Obamacare’s laundry list of expensive requirements. This rule expanded consumer protections for these more affordable plans by allowing people to keep them for up to three years instead of just three months.

Another 2018 rule expanded Association Health Plans, permitting employers to band together and offer their workers more affordable coverage. This showed initial promise. Unfortunately, a dozen Democratic attorneys general have sued to take away this option and a sympathetic judge has so far blocked the rule. The Trump administration has appealed.

The White House Council of Economic Advisers finds that Americans receive a yearly net benefit of $45 billion from these expanded coverage options, along with the elimination of Obamacare’s regressive individual mandate penalty that mainly hit families earning less than $50,000 per year.

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