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Demolishing the False Premise of Single-Payer –– Issue 73

February 7, 2020

The Iowa caucus debacle has Sen. Bernie Sanders neck-in-neck with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg—each apparently on track to win 11 delegates on Tuesday. 

But Bernie appears to be ahead in the actual vote totals, saying he garnered at least 6,000 more caucus votes than Mayor Pete.

And that spells trouble for health care. 

Bernie has offered his socialized health care scheme year after year. As recently as 2013, he didn’t have a single cosponsor for his I-wrote-the-damn bill. Now, more than a dozen U.S. senators are co-sponsoring his Medicare for All bill, including several current and former Democratic presidential candidates.

For decades, socialized medicine has had only lukewarm support among the electorate. But that has changed.  As recently as last summer, 72%of Democrats supported the scheme.

All this is chronicled in Sally Pipes new bookFalse Premise. False Promise. Sally is, of course, the authority on socialized medicine, having been born and raised under Canada’s government run-single payer system. Now president of the prestigious Pacific Research Institute, she brings facts and clear-eyed reality to its failings in a book that “is a must-read for those who want to stop single-payer health care from coming to America,” according to entrepreneurial guru Andy Puzder.

Art Laffer, supply-side economist par excellence, says, “Death and taxes may be certain, but not Medicare for All, thanks to Sally’s new book.”

Steve Forbes says “a single-payer scheme in America would have horrific consequences for the health of just about everyone. It would also kill innovation.”

Sally’s book could not come at a better time as Democratic presidential candidates advocating socialist schemes are in the ascendency.  Combine Bernie’s 26% vote out of Iowa—the same percentage as Buttigieg—with the 18% that Medicare-for-All advocate Elizabeth Warren garnered and you have a plurality of Democrats backing a candidate who would toss out the health care system that is the engine of innovation for the planet and replace it with one run by people who can’t even figure out how to count votes in Iowa.

What could go wrong here?

Plenty, says Pipes.  Sally’s book exposes the lies of socialized medicine from politicians who promise free health care for all, whenever you want it, by taxing a few billionaires.

Some argue that Mayor Pete is the “moderate” in the race after former Vice President Joe Biden’s flame out.  But Buttigieg’s “Medicare for all who want it” plan is simply a slow-roll to single-payer. 

Matt Bruenig, head of the People’s Policy Project, a liberal think tank, warns that Buttigieg’s plan to automatically enroll people who don’t sign up for insurance means people would face a retroactive bill that could mean they are on the hook for thousands of dollars in back premiums.  “This will be a political nightmare,” Bruenig warns. It will also inevitably lead us down same path to single payer. 

That’s why you and everyone else with a stake in our health sector’s future have to buy Sally’s book, an imprint of Encounter books. 

“Government-run, single-payer health care is a catastrophe for the people forced to live under it,” she writes.  And then she proceeds to provide an avalanche of examples, from the “unimaginably long waits for care and lack of access to cutting-edge treatments to the eye-popping costs of ‘free’ care.”  

She chronicles the tragic stories of mothers denied lifesaving treatments for their children, retires being refused care, and the poor health outcomes of people in universal coverage systems who need actual health care to treat their cancer and heart disease.

If voters would just read the 108 pages of this book, they would cringe in thinking that America ever would consider going down this path.  

Read this book, and you will ready for every argument with your friends and family this election year. Sally shares with all of us the wisdom of her experience.
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